CSHE Student Involvement

In addition to their work assisting with CSHE research projects, CSHE graduate assistants often get involved with and plan events alongside several Penn State graduate student organizations. A list of the organizations that CSHE faculty and students collaborate with on a regular basis are included below:

Higher Education in Review (HER)

Higher Education in Review (HER) is an independent, refereed journal published by graduate students of the Higher Education Program at the Pennsylvania State University.

The journal is distributed to over 30 higher education graduate programs nation-wide and is electronically available, free of charge, on our website. Authors must be currently-enrolled graduate students or have written their manuscript while still in graduate school. Graduate students from a variety of disciplines and fields (e.g., education, sociology, economics, law, and psychology) are encouraged to submit their work for consideration. Submissions are accepted year-round.

Higher Education Student Association (HESA)

The Higher Education Student Association (HESA) promotes student development as scholars and professionals and facilitates integration into the higher education program.

Anybody interested in higher education – students, faculty, staff, alumni, whoever – is welcome to join HESA and to participate in its activities

Student Affairs Student Organization
The Student Affairs Student Organization (SASO) enhances the educational and professional experience of the masters students in the Student Affairs program; past, present, and future. Besides hosting biweekly meetings and a professional development conference panel, SASO sponsors a number of social events each semester. Additionally, SASO plans numerous educational programs for its members centered around topics like social justice, professional development, and internships.
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