Higher Education Program
Higher Education Students - 2014 Cohort
Rackley Building

A close association exists between the research-oriented Center for the Study of Higher Education and the Higher Education Program, also located in the Rackley Building. Many of the faculty and graduate students in the Higher Education Program are also affiliated with the Center as researchers and graduate research assistants. Select research conducted through the Center has also made its way into the program’s curriculum. Additionally, the Center helps support the Higher Education in Review, an independent, refereed journal published by graduate students of the Higher Education Program at the Pennsylvania State University.

The Higher Education Program is located in the Department of Education Policy Studies within the College of Education, at The Pennsylvania State University. The primary goal of the program is the preparation of individuals who are capable of researching, analyzing, and managing the critical problems and exciting opportunities in postsecondary education. For more information: http://ed.psu.edu/eps/higher-education

“Holding a graduate assistantship through the Center for the Study of Higher Education has been an incredible experience, and one that I am thoroughly grateful for. The faculty in the center continually support us, challenge us, advocate on our behalf, provide us with opportunities, listen to us, and most importantly teach us. My classmates and I are treated like professionals while still having the opportunity to learn. Faculty from the Center engage us in research, publish with us, and welcome us to participate alongside them in hands-on learning experiences. Through my time in the Center, I have not only learned countless skills I will take with me into my professional experiences, but I have also had the privilege to explore careers options and research topics that I would not have otherwise been exposed to.”


Allie Goldstein

Graduate Assistant

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