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  • Also for theorists, A fine theorem is an amazing blog that summarizes and discuses current theory papers. It is written former Northwestern grad student  Kevin Bryan, who recently got an AP position at Toronto.
  • Economic logic is  an anonymous blog summarizing interesting and inconspicuous new Econ papers, as well as some issues that affect the profession. The Economic Logician has gone awol recently, but it is usually updated regularly on a weekly basis.
  • Once a week a paper is selected by the editors from the NEP-DGE and NEP-HIST mailing lists and put up for discussion at the NEP-DGE blog and  NEP-HIST blog.
  • David Jinkin’s blog is a blog about economics with emphasis on trade and methodology, former student of the department, now Assistant Professor of Applied Economics at Copenhagen Business School (congrats David!!)
  • Data colada is a pretty cool blog about statistical analysis. Usually every post involves some simple data exercise with important methodological implications for empirical researchers.

(You’ll notice a strong theory bias in this list. There is not much I can do about that, future administrators may complement it with more applied blogs)

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