2013 fall picnic

Econ grads at the 2013 fall picnic

The Economics department at Penn State has successfully built a reputation for maintaining an excellent PhD program, and taking good care of its students. With excellent faculty and support staff, all academic and administrative issues are well taken care of, yet we believe that there is more we can do to help students with their personal lives, as well as their interaction with the department.

We thus created the Department of Economic Graduate Student Association (DEGSA) with the mission of creating a network of peer support among students. In particular, we wish to create channels so that advanced students can effectively share their experience and help younger cohorts to take advantage of the resources available to them, reach their full potential, and enjoy their life as graduate students at Penn State. We are grateful for the support of the faculty and staff that helped to create DEGSA, in particular Neil Wallace, Vijay Krishna and Krista Winkelblech.

Our main activities are the organization of the Prospects in Economic Research Conference (PERC), and the Spring Department Picnic. We  also organize the Student Seminar Series for advanced graduate students to present their research, and the Job Market Colloquium where students that where recently placed can share their experiences with students that are going to the job market.


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