Prospects in Economic Research Conference


Group picture at the 2012 PERC

The first Prospects in Economic Research Conference (PERC) was held in the fall of 2012, as a space for third year Economics graduate students to present their research projects. Its intended purpose was to:

  • Help young graduate students to adjust their expectations in order to ease the transition from coursework to research.
  • Generate incentives for students to start working on their research earlier.
  • Allow students to practice and develop their presentation skills.
  • Encourage students and faculty members to learn about the projects and interests of the third year students in order to foster integration and facilitate joint work.

It was a great overall success. Students did an excellent job presenting serious research in a professional manner. Many of the projects presented evolved into the students’ third year papers, which may become chapters in their dissertations. The discussants provided serious feedback that helped to enhance these projects, and a large attendance helped to bring together students from different cohorts, as well as faculty members.

One of the main activities of the association will be to organize future instances of PERC, in the hope that it becomes a recurring tradition within the department.

Past Conferences:

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