May 14

PERC 2012 Pictures

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Pictures courtesy of Bulat Gafarov

May 14

Job Market Colloquium

We are organizing a meeting with some of the students graduating this year and the other students in the department. The meeting will take place this Thursday, May 15th, at 3 pm in Room 420 Kern Bldg.

The goal is for the students to share their experience in the last job market. The meeting is open to all students, but we believe 3rd, 4th and 5th year students will take most advantage of the talk. David Jinkins and Shengyu Li will give the talk. Yelena Sheveleva still need to confirm but she will most likely be present.

We hope to see you on Thursday!!

May 14

Life as an Econ grad student

PhD comics

“Piled Higher and Deeper” by Jorge Cham www.phdcomics.com

  • EJMR -the unofficial sister of the AEA job market site– provides an anonymous forum for graduate students and young APs in Economics. It contains a lot of trolling and irrelevant discussions, as well as tons of politically incorrect content, and barely no job market rumors. But if you spend some time on it, or ask a question yourself (and you have the common sense to identify trolling), then it can be a very useful source of support, information, and advice. Warning: it can be extremely addictive, use at your own risk.
  • Jorge Cham’s PhD comics (Piled Higher and Deeper) are comic strips about life in grad school.

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