This laptop cover really spoke to me. Now, I’m not sure whether the way it spoke to me was the intention or not, but it did in fact pique my interest. The first thing to pop out to me was the plethora of Ubuntu/linux related stickers. (6 Ubuntu, 1 Linux) These stickers usually come with an ordered copy of the Ubuntu Operating System and I saw in the owner an appreciation for computers much like my own. It seems not only to encompass Ubuntu though as the small penguin on the right side of the screen is the universal symbol for Linux. This idea was so strong an impression at first that I misread the “HELLO my name is FABIAN” as “HELLO my name is FEDORA” where Fedora is another similar Linux platform that I am also fond of. Continuing with the portrayed interest in computers, there is the Free Software Foundation sticker, the Sansa Sticker, and the “IPod + Itunes + DRM,” sticker which all relate to an interest in computers and technology. Specifically though, they together with the Ubuntu/Linux stickers show that the owner is very passionate about everything being free. Ubuntu is a free open-source operating system that anyone can download and install. The Free Software Foundation aims to make software free for everyone. The DefectiveByDesign sticker is challenging Apple and their methods of copyright protection, stating that they are hurting their customers. I had to do additional research into the sticker in the center, and I found that it too supported Fabian’s idea of software freedom. The man pictured is the infamous Richard Stallman, a software freedom activist, computer programmer, and founder of the Free Software Foundation. He is also known for having developed the GNU operating system which is the basis for many Unix-based operating systems like Ubuntu and other Linux platforms. (A very important guy.) There are still two stickers I haven’t mentioned yet and those would be the anti-fur sticker and the “pigs are friends, not food” one. I do not consider myself an animal rights activist of any sort, but I am against the use of real fur from animals in any clothing as it is very damaging to the animal. I also do not consume pig religious reasons, and perhaps that is also what the sticker is trying to say, but I’m not of the mindset where they are particular friends of mine either. Regardless, Fabian’s laptop makes a very strong statement about his own opinions, what he supports and garners attention of those like me who may have similar inclinations or interests. I feel that it is a very good way of expressing his personal views.

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  1. anm5639

    I really like how for this post, you took a deeper look at the meaning and overall theme of his stickers, rather than what they say on the surface. You did a great job of connecting the dots so to speak, and seeing the overreaching “free” message that the laptop is presenting. Great post!

  2. dsh5289

    I really like this laptop example because it clearly does espouse a civic ideal, and it allows you to really unpack it and look into it for this post. That’s pretty cool how perfect this works out.

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