Current Volume

Vol. IX

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In this volume:*

Responsible Whistleblowing: The Panama Papers, Wikileaks, and the National Security Enterprise
By Allison Fink
Tiffin University

From Enabler to Enemy: Changing Dynamics Between Donald Trump and the Press
By Rui Aguiar
Stanford University

Assumed Identity in the Public Sphere: Causality and Consequences in the 2016 Election
By Re’al S. Christian
New York University

Our Home on Native Land: National Identity Formation in Canadian Political Discourse
By Kristy Lesperance and Allison Yang
University of British Columbia

Parliament as Pulpit: Factors in the Muslim Brotherhood’s Electoral Success
By Audrey Cleaver-Bartholomew
Emory University

The Analysis Matrix for Identifying Fair Gender Equality Policy
By Fanny A. Frias Brito
Pennsylvania State University

Overcoming Gender Disparity in Education in Afghanistan
By Hejran Darya
New York University

Community Factors to Reduce Risky Behaviors in LGBT Youth Following a Hate Crime
By Regine Yaites
Abilene Christian University

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