3 Makeup Looks for the Day

When people first start using makeup, they normally don’t know when to do what, or how much to use at a time. In our everyday lives, we see people dress very differently and wear equally different makeup looks. So here is a basic guide to three staple makeup looks any makeup rookie needs!

This is a pretty easy makeup look to achieve. It only requires a couple of products, and the level of intensity  can be changed depending on preference. For the face, you should avoid thick foundation, and try to go for a lighter look using lighter foundation or a good BB cream. Also apply concealer to cover dark spots, redness and so on. Then just use a bit of blush and some bronzer and you are done! For the eyes, avoid using too much eye shadow.  Stick to neutral colors, and don’t use super glittery eye shadow. Then apply a thin line of eyeliner,  some mascara and voila the everyday makeup look is complete!

For this look, you’ll need even less products! Start out with some BB cream or tinted moisturizer to even out the skin tone. Avoid using a lot of concealer because it is a natural look, so embrace the small flaws, and rock those freckles, or beauty marks! And for the eyes, try using only one matte eye shadow all over the lid, and finish the look off with some mascara.

It is girl’s night out, and you are dressing up and going out to have fun, and what better way to make an outfit than with a bold make up look. For this one, try using a more long wear foundation, and maybe do some contouring with bronzer and highlighter. For the eyes, go for darker shadows, maybe with some shimmer, and finish it off with a strong winged liner. If you are feeling extra bold that night, try using false lashes instead of just mascara for the eyes, or go for a bright red lip color, or any other color that suits you. And with that, you are done. And remember no matter what look you wear you are beautiful everyday!

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