image_home_pageDiversity at Penn State and KINES

A perspective and representation among faculty, staff and students

At Penn State our commitment to diversity, in all of its forms, is significant.

We believe that diversity includes appreciation and respect of differences in race and ethnicity, in gender and sexual orientation, in religious affiliation, in age and life experience, in nationality and language, and in physical capabilities.

image_home_page_2Penn State students have access to a wide variety of academic and multicultural services and clubs and organizations that are specifically designed to promote the importance of diversity as well as address the academic, social, professional, and living needs of underrepresented populations at the University.

For more information about Penn State’s commitment to diversity, please read A Framework to Foster Diversity at Penn State. Also, you can read more about the student services offered by the Office of Educational Equity.

This specific Web site serves as a general resource in providing kinesiology constituents an overview for theimage_home_page_3 perspective and representation of diversity among faculty, staff and students in the department. We encourage the faculty, staff and students to utilize this reference as a means to further enrich diversity in our department. Accordingly, we advocate that the readership complete the commitment to diversity activity in the menu above.

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