Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, English, and French and Francophone Studies, The Pennsylvania State University


University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory (2002)

Dartmouth College, A.B. in High Honors English and French, Magna Cum Laude (1993)



Books in Progress

  • The Great Surrealist Bargain Basement (in progress).

Edited Journal Issues

  • Special Issue Co-Editor, with Amy J. Elias and Melissa Karmen Lee, “Rules of Engagement: Art, Process, Protest,” ASAP/Journal 3:2 (Spring 2018).
  • Special Issue Co-Editor, with Judith Roof, “Experimentalism,” ASAP/Journal 1:2 (Spring 2016).
  • Special Issue Editor, “The Avant-Garde at War,” Criticism (2015; appeared 2017).
  • Special Issue Co-Editor, with Andrew Epstein, “Poetry Games.” Comparative Literature Studies 51:1 (Winter 2014).
  • Special Issue Co-Editor, with Rita Felski, “What Is an Avant-Garde?” New Literary History 41:4 (Autumn 2010) (appeared 2011).
  • Special Section Co-Editor, with Kevin Bell, “Chester Himes, 1909-2009.” African American Review 45:2/3 (Summer/Fall 2009) (appeared 2011).
  • Special Issue Co-Editor, with Jeremy Braddock, “Paris, Modern Fiction, and the Black Atlantic.” Modern Fiction Studies 51:4 (Winter 2005).

Journal Articles

  • “Dante, Bruno, Vico, S.Nob: The Wake in Mexico,” James Joyce Quarterly. Special issue on “Joycean Avant-Gardes,” edited by Catherine Flynn and Richard Brown (forthcoming).
  • “Sztuka outsiderska / teoria outsiderska” [Outsider Art/Outsider Theory], translated by Marcin Napiórkowski. Kultura Współczesna 3:87 (2015), 84-96.
  • “The Terror of Being Destroyed,” Critical Philosophies of Race. Special Issue on James Baldwin and Philosophy, ed. John Drabinski and Grant Farred. 3:2 (2015), 259-283.
  • “Garveyism and its Involutions,” African American Review 47:1 (Spring 2014), 1-19.
  • “Leonora Carrington et la connaissance universelle,” Mélusine 33 (2013), 231-233.
  • “Breton’s Wall, Carrington’s Kitchen: Surrealism and the Archive,” Intermédialités: Histoire et théorie des arts, des lettres et des techniques. n° 18, automne 2011 (appeared 2012), 17-43.
  • “Leonora Carrington, Mexico, and the Culture of Death,” Journal of Surrealism and the Americas. Special Issue on Surrealism and Women, ed. Katharine Conley. 7-8 (Spring 2011), 19-32.
  • “‘A Work Whose Importance Still Escapes Us’: Joyce After Surrealism,” Journal of Modern Literature 34: 2 (Winter 2011), 139-153.
  • “Anti-Menckenism: Nathanael West, Robert M. Coates, and the Provisional Avant-Garde,” Modern Fiction Studies 56:3 (2010), 518-543.
  • “The Chef-Drive: Cooking Beyond the Pleasure Principle,” Contemporary French and Francophone Studies: Sites 14:2 (March 2010), 179-187.
  • “The Future of Irrevolution: Surrealism and Mediation in the 1950s,” Contemporary French Civilization 34:2 (Spring 2010), 67-90.
  • “Adoptive Affinities: Josephine Baker’s Humanist International,” S&F Online, special issue on Josephine Baker, ed. Kaiama Glover. 6.2-6.3: Fall 2007/Spring 2008.
  • “Anti-Humanism and Terror: Surrealism, Theory, and the Postwar Left” Yale French Studies 109 (2006), 39-51.
  • “The Transatlantic Mysteries of Paris: Chester Himes, Surrealism, and the Série NoirePMLA 120: 3 (May 2005), 806-821.
  • “Violette Nozières et la réécriture alchimique du viol,” Pleine Marge 40 (December 2004), 61-77.
  • “Chandler’s Waste Land,” Studies in the Novel 35: 3 (Fall 2003), 366-382.
  • “That Obscure Object of Revolt: Heraclitus, Surrealism’s Lightning-Conductor,” Symploke 8: 1-2 (Spring 2000), 180-204.
  • “Trafficking in the Void: The Consumption of Otherness in the Beat Generation.” Modern Fiction Studies 43:1 (Spring 1997), 53-92.

Book Chapters, Editorial Introductions, and Other Contributions

  • Consulting Editor, Encyclopedia of Surrealism, Volumes I, II, III, edited by Dawn Ades, Krzyzstof Fijalkowski, Steven Harris, Michael Richardson, and Georges Sebbag. Bloomsbury (in progress; forthcoming 2019).
  • “Introduction: Working in and on Nerds, Wonks, and Neo-Cons, This Year and to Come,” with Benjamin Schreier. The Year’s Work in Nerds, Wonks, and Neo-Cons. Indiana UP (May 2017).
  • “Introduction: The Avant-Garde at War,” Criticism 51:4 (2015), appeared 2017.
  • “Introduction: Cygenetics of Experimentalism,” with Judith Roof. ASAP/Journal 1:2 (May 2016), 169-181.
  • “Bargain-Basement Thought,” Against Value in the Arts and Education, ed. Sam Ladkin, Robert McKay and Emile Bojesen. (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016), 97-112.
  • “Postmodern Precursors,” The Cambridge Companion to Postmodern American Fiction, ed. Paula Geyh. Cambridge UP (forthcoming 2017).
  • Introduction, Leonora Carrington and the International Avant-Garde, ed. Jonathan P. Eburne and Catriona McAra. Manchester University Press (2017), 1-16.
  • “Poetic Wisdom: Leonora Carrington and the Esoteric Avant-Garde,” in Leonora Carrington and the International Avant-Garde, ed. Eburne and McAra. Manchester University Press (2017).1-16
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  • “Introduction: Chester Himes, 1909-2009,” with Kevin Bell. African American Review 45:2/3 (Summer/Fall 2009) (appeared 2011), 225-231.
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Review Essays

Review Essay: George Baker, The Artwork Caught by the Tail: Francis Picabia and Dada in Paris (MIT, 2007); Gen Doy, Claude Cahun: A Sensual Politics of Photography (IB Tauris, 2007); David Hopkins, Dada’s Boys: Masculinity After Duchamp (Yale UP, 2007); Natalya Lusty, Surrealism, Feminism, Psychoanalysis (Ashgate, 2007); Amy Lyford, Surrealist Masculinities: Gender Anxiety and the Aesthetics of Post-World War I Reconstruction in France (U California P, 2007); Ian Walker, So Exotic, So Homemade: Surrealism, Englishness and Documentary Photography (Manchester UP, 2007). In History of Photography 34:1 (February 2010), 101-108.

Review Essay: “Object Lessons: Surrealist Art, Surrealist Politics.” Texts Reviewed: Steven Harris, Surrealist Art and Thought in the 1930s: Art, Politics, and the Psyche (Cambridge UP, 2004); Johanna Malt, Obscure Objects of Desire: Surrealism, Fetishism, and Politics (Oxford UP, 2004); David Bate, Photography and Surrealism: Sexuality, Colonialism, and Social Dissent (I.B. Tauris, 2004), and Jean Clair, Du surréalisme considéré dans ses rapports au totalitarianisme et aux tables tournantes (Mille et une nuits, 2003). In Modernism/ Modernity 12.1 (2005), 175-181.

Review Essay: The Edges of Surrealism.” Texts reviewed: Katharine Conley, Robert Desnos, Surrealism, and the Marvelous in Everyday Life (Nebraska UP, 2003); Claudine Frank, ed., The Edge of Surrealism: A Roger Caillois Reader (Duke UP, 2003); and Eric Zafran, Surrealism and Modernism (Yale UP, 2003), in Journal of Modern Literature 26: 3/4 (Spring 2004), 148-153.

Review Essay, Dalia Judovitz, Unpacking Duchamp: Art in Transit (U California P, 1998); and David Joselit, Infinite Regress: Marcel Duchamp 1910-1941 (MIT Press, 1998). In Other Voices 1:2 (September 1998).


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Director, The Modern and Contemporary Studies Initiative at Penn State (MCSI), Fall 2016-

Research Group Member, “Polish Vernacular Culture in Comparative Perspective: Memory, Imagination and Practices of Resistance.” Sponsored by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Marcin Napiórkowski, University of Warsaw, Principal Investigator. 2014-2017

International Research Network Member, “Americans in Paris.” Sponsored by the Sussex Centre for American Studies, co-directed by Daniel Kane, Katharina Rietzler, and Natalia Cecire.


Editor (2018-) and Founding Co-Editor (with Amy Elias), ASAP-Journal, published by the Johns Hopkins University Press (2016- ).

Book Series Editor, “Refiguring Modernism,” The Pennsylvania University Press (2013-); Co-editor (2012).

Acting President, ISSS: The International Society for the Study of Surrealism  (2017-)

Past President of ASAP: Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present (2015-2016 and 2016-2017 (acting)); also President (2014-2015) Vice-President (2013-2014), Second Vice-President (2012-2013).

President, Association for the Study of Dada and Surrealism (2013-); Co-President (2009- 2013).

Director of Graduate Studies, Dept. of Comparative Literature (2012- 2015).

Coordinator of weekly Comparative Literature lecture series (2015-) and (2005-2010); co-organizer Fall 2005.

Legacy Committee, The Kurt Seligmann Center, Orange County NY (2015-)

Advisory Editor, Journal of Modern Literature (2013-)

Member of Editorial Board, Modern Fiction Studies (2013-)

Member of Editorial Board, Comparative Literature Studies (2011-).

Member of Editorial Board, Dada/Surrealism (2010-).

Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Surrealism and the Americas (2013-).

Member of Editorial Advisory Committee, The Space Between (2011-).

Planning committee, ASAP: Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present (2007-2009).

Member, Advisory Board, Penn State Center for American Literary Study (CALS) (2010-)

Co-applicant, with Emily Robins Sharpe, “Editing Modernism in Canada” (2010-2).

Co-organizer, with Gabeba Baderoon, the Arts in Public Life project at Penn State (2008-2010).

Graduate Committee, Dept. of Comparative Literature (2006-2010; 2011-); Promotion and Tenure Committee (2012- ); Policy Committee (2007-9).

Graduate Job Placement officer, Comparative Literature Department, (2008-2010 ); Asst. placement officer, English Department (2005-7).

Search Committee for position in African and Comparative Literature (2006, 2007, 2008); Arabic and Comparative Literature (2015) .

Faculty advisor, International Languages & Literatures Graduate Organization (2009-).




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