Eco Action Fundraiser

We are raising money to support our club! Eco Action is Penn State’s environmental activism club. We strive to educate ourselves and others about current environmental issues. With this knowledge, we organize meaningful action to generate environmental change in our community. Funding is essential to support this independent, creative and spontaneous student activism. Funding will… Read more Eco Action Fundraiser

A Match Made in Heaven: The EPA and The Fossil Fuel Lobbyist

“The mission of EPA is to protect human health and the environment.” This very simple statement comes straight from the EPA’s website. However, some of the work at the EPA’s top levels of administration has been counter-productive to this goal. Currently Mike Flynn (no not that one, a different Mike Flynn), is the acting deputy of the… Read more A Match Made in Heaven: The EPA and The Fossil Fuel Lobbyist

Interview with Alison Dietrich

By Bryn Wambaugh Alison Dietrich is a youtuber, small business owner, and a MONQ aromatherapy pen ambassador living in Shillington, PA. Alison is a part-time student at HACC (Harrisburg Area Community College) and a full-time employee at Bella Jule’s dress boutique in Reading, PA.   I asked Alison questions about her zero-waste life to get… Read more Interview with Alison Dietrich

The New Kid in Town Fires Things Up

During the Obama administration, the EPA proposed several laws that would help move the country towards conserving endangered areas and reducing carbon emission. The major piece of legislation the EPA drafted was called the Clean Power Plan in August 2015. While flexible, the plan takes achievable action on mitigating climate change by pushing states to… Read more The New Kid in Town Fires Things Up