Eco Action in the Early 80’s

Earth Day 1980 The first recorded Earth Day celebration hosted by Eco Action took place in 1980. A highlight must have been celebrating Shaver’s Creek’s 1st birthday. 1980 Eco-Cycle  Bicycles were donated to Penn State students by the State College Bike Shop. This bike share program consisted of two blue and white single speed bikes.… Read more Eco Action in the Early 80’s

Eco Action in the 1970’s

Eco Action was founded in 1972 because students were inspired by the nation’s energy around environmental action. From our inception, we were involved with local politics and focused on recycling, local infrastructure and public transportation. Our oldest record is a list of questions for local candidates for an unknown position. This document was written on  September 15th, 1973.  In… Read more Eco Action in the 1970’s