Tutoring Options

Remember to visit your professors and TA’s for help and to take advantage of additional resources throughout the University as needed.

Penn State Learning

Study spaces, computers and teamwork areas.

Visit here for times and locations.

Chemistry Resource Room

210 Whitmore

Free Tutoring Schedule

6:30 – 10:30 PM Sundays through Thursdays in 211 Whitmore,

Physics Learning Resource Center (LRC)

For students in Physics 001, 211-214, 250 and 251

6PM-8PM, Sundays-Thursdays

207 Osmond

Mathematics Tutoring

220 Boucke

Math 004-201

                                      Sunday: 6PM-10PM

                                      Monday through Thursday: 10AM-10PM

                                      Friday: 10AM-3PM

7 Sparks

Math 220-251

                                     Sunday through Thursday: 6PM-10PM

Guided Study Groups

Visit here for a complete listing of sessions




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