Research Study Information

If you are someone who provides professional development or course content to current or future teachers, these trauma-informed materials by doctoral candidate Megan Runion can help.

Brief modules are provided in a series on Scaffolding Regulation Skills, through which current or future teachers and other school personnel are taught why students who are affected by trauma might struggle with self-regulation and what they can do in their classroom to help. A facilitation guide is provided to walk you through use of the modules in your training or coursework. All materials are provided for download at no cost.

You can become a trainer (to facilitate the modules with a group) by signing up for the study using the link above. To learn more about the Scaffolding Regulation Skills series, visit the series page or FAQ page. For questions about the dissertation study, email Megan at

*WHEN ACCESSING THE LINKS TO PARTICIPATE ABOVE: Please note that the survey links contain ALL measures to be completed by Trainers (those facilitating the modules) and Participants (those viewing the modules), respectively. Respondents can leave the survey and then re-enter where they left off when they click on the survey link again.

This save-and-continue feature will only work as long as the respondent returns to the survey on the same internet browser on the same computer to finish the survey. If you cannot access the same device, simply re-record your name at the beginning and then skip forward to where you left off so that your data can be connected later. Thank you!*