Scaffolding Regulation Skills

Do you teach an education course or provide professional development to educators?

Would your audience benefit from learning how to scaffold regulation skills with students affected by trauma?

A series of online modules are freely available for trainers to utilize as a part of a research study. These online modules are research-based and trauma-informed. The series is distributed into brief chunks for more flexible presentation.

Series Sequence

  • Introduction
    • Putting on Your Trauma-Sensitive Lenses (sample handout)
    • Taking Care of Yourself
  • Scaffolding Regulation Skills
    • Identifying Emotions
    • Managing Emotions
    • Solving Problems
    • Resolving Conflicts
    • Organizing Material
    • Completing Tasks
  • Conclusion
    • Integrating into Your Classroom Practice

About the Study

This module series is being offered as part of a Penn State dissertation research study conducted by Megan Runion, M. Ed. This research has been approved by the IRB at Penn State. Learn more about the study requirements, including measures to be completed by the trainer and audience, through the FAQ page.

Anyone can sign up to be a trainer using the consent form. Contact Megan for any assistance at