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Widgetizing the Web

Chances are, if you work with me, you have heard me reference this slide from a presentation by Shane Nackerud and Chad Fennell of the University of Minnesota Libraries. It has gotten to the point where I’m even starting to bore myself when I bring it up. The idea contained on this slide is amazing—-it […]

New Google App on Facebook

Allegedly, Google has created a nifty application especially for Facebook. I say, allegedly, because every time I try to access it and add it to my profile, I’m told that it still has bugs and to check back. This app lets you perform searches and share the results with your friends. Could be a nice […]

This One’s for You, Science Librarian

I try hard not to post on anything unrelated to libraries and technology, but this is important. MacKinnon’s Cafe (aka the place in the library that serves food) has begun serving Dunkin Donuts munchkins. Including Jelly Munchkins. Did I tell you this was important, or what? We are talking serious quality of life improvement here. […]

Things I Wish the Blogs at Penn State Could Do…

(one in a series of disgruntled posts) –Run postalicious (ala the Free Range Librarian), and allow me to automatically share my links via my blog daily. (Anyone figures out how to do this, let me know—this means you, Science Librarian!)

Revenge of the Twopointonians

Despite what the Annoyed Librarian says (love her), the library landscape, 2.0 manifesto and all, has changed, whether you’re a Twopointonian (her words, not mine) or not. Case in point: Tonight I was teaching my very favorite class, CAS 602, otherwise known as the collective of new CAS graduate students and fixed term instructors. You […]

Blogs at Penn State Landscape

I’ve complained ad nauseum about the lack of discoverability of Penn State blogs (i.e., those created within the new blogs pilot project). The blogs (and all Penn State personal web pages in general) are not indexed by the Penn State search engine. (I’m not even going to go into why that is happening, because it […]

Toolbars, Take Two

A while back, I posted on the UMN lIbraries toolbar. At yesterday’s Web Steering meeting, we discussed creating one for the Libraries. This comes at a time when we are trying to leverage the prominence of library resources as we migrate our new Public computer image to one that mirrors the computer desktop students see […]

Widgets 101

Fortune Magazine has a good article explaining the basics of widgets and their commercial potential in their latest issue. We get Fortune and Business Week for free at home, and I’m generally pretty surprised by the number of articles in each issue that are interesting and often applicable to libraries. Maybe I’ll start reading the […]

Facebook Hot Team

A post from Chris Stubbs about the Libraries / ETS Facebook Hot Team. His perspective as a former student (and how that experience informs this project) is very interesting! I’m hoping this is the first of many Libraries / ETS collaborations.

RSS for Anything

I’m making up for lost time, I think, having been away from this blog for over a week… In today’s workshop, one person asked about creating RSS feeds for regular web pages. I explained that it couldn’t be done unless there was content attached to an active feed, but I was wrong. Check out Feedity, […]

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