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The K-16 connection

Today, we hosted the 5th annual K-16 Librarians workshop at the Schlow Library.  The workshop is just one piece of the Central Pennsylvania K-16 Information Literacy Network (which I’ve written about before).  Essentially, the annual workshop is a fun opportunity to get together with area school, public and academic library colleagues to discuss shared issues.  […]

Thanks, Frank.

Frank was a Government Documents librarian at the University of Iowa, and one of the first academic librarians I ever met.  We worked side by side in a large room filled with about eight other staff, including two other librarians, along with lots of indexes, reference books and a few computers.  This was seventeen years […]

Publishing the unpublishable

Someone peeked over my shoulder yesterday at my Gmail account, and was surprised that I had 193 draft emails in my email account.  (What a snoop.)  I really couldn’t explain why I even have that many drafts of unsent messages.  Are they messages that I meant to send, but forgot? (probably)  Are they emails that […]

Baker’s Dozen 2009

For the past five years, I’ve been lucky to serve as a judge on the panel selecting the Baker’s Dozen:  The Best Children’s Books for Family Literacy.  The panel includes my friend, mentor and all-around inspiration, Dr. Steven Herb, the wonderful (and equally inspiring) Dr. Sara Willoughby-Herb, and my dear colleague Karla Schmit.  Really, I […]

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