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Building an instructional bridge to digital collections

I’ve been thinking lots lately about the Libraries digital collections—for two reasons.  1)  We’re currently in the process of hiring (and I’m chairing the search committee for) a new Digital Collections Curator in the Libraries. 2)  I’m in the very exciting phase of actively planning for my upcoming Faculty Fellowship in ETS.  (Hooray!) It’s funny […]

Cooliris presentations for dummies

Earlier this month, the CogDog (aka Alan Levine) came to Penn State to talk with us about 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story. I know I wasn’t the only person in the audience entranced with his use of Cooliris in his presentation.  It was gorgeous, slick, and just very cool.  I came away […]

Visioning for Web public services

I’ve referenced before the article, “Web Services as Public Services:  Are We Supporting our Busiest Service Point?” by Deb Riley-Huff.   This article discusses the need for a focused approach to supporting web-based public services in the research library environment.  For me, the first three lines of the article say it all: It was difficult […]

The 94 articles experiment

Michael Wesch details an assignment he gave his undergraduate class to read 94 articles before the next class session. Sound impossible? The students used ZohoCreator to enter their citations and self-written abstracts.  Wesch noted that the students who got their readings in first (each student was assigned to find five articles on ‘anonymity’) had an […]

Voicemail meets Gmail.

Last month, I mentioned that I have Google Voice, Google’s new phone service (previously known as GrandCentral). In the past, I used GrandCentral only for those really important calls–the ones you never want to miss–i.e., school, the doctor’s office, etc… Now that I have Google Voice, I wanted to integrate it into the entirety of […]

Storytelling 2.0

I attended Alan Levine’s talk on digital storytelling today, and came away with some fun, new tools that I can hopefully use in the future in my own instruction. (Blabberize, anyone?) I had never explored the idea of using an online comic generator, like Pixton.  Below is my rather clumsy attempt to recreate a pretty […]

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