Archive | October, 2009

Scanning for future trends

I am working on two projects right now—a book chapter on the importance of environmental scanning in public services librarianship and a research study on student digital literacy acquisition. ECAR just released the 2009 Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, and there are many aspects of the report that relate to both of my […]

Portrait of Twitter users

Pew released a new report on Twitter users today.  It has some interesting data on who updates their status frequently (or infrequently) and where the user traffic resides for this online activity. Here are a few points I noted: Connectedness is a slippery slope: the more devices (laptop, Kindle, iPod, mobile phone) a user owns, […]

Principles of Discoverability

I am coming back from beyond (i.e., sabbatical in Canada) to share a report that Lorcan Dempsey discussed on his blog this week. The Discoverability: Phase One Final Report was produced by the University of Minnesota Libraries (and specifically by a sub-group of Libraries’ staff serving on the Libraries’ Discoverability Team, which reports to their […]

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