Archive | March, 2011

Maximizing my online identity

I visited with World Campus Instructional Design staff earlier this week, and shared in a great discussion on the rewards and challenges of blogging professionally.  This group launched a pilot project centered on blogging—each staff member created a Penn State blog, and was encouraged to use the blog on a regular basis to record reflections, […]

Sente Questions and Answers

I am lucky to be part of a small Sente user community at Penn State, based in the College of Education.  This week, we got together to work through some of the basic capabilities of the software.  In advance, I identified some of the (in my opinion) most integral, unique, or simply showstopping citation management […]

Local news and mobile devices

Edited to add:  This post was written yesterday before news of the Onward State / State partnership was released.  A great development for our local news community! I love local news.  Some of my best childhood memories center on our local newspaper–waiting each afternoon for the Telegraph Herald to arrive so that I could […]

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