Teaching students about information management

At this year’s Personal Digital Archiving conference, I met Mike Ashenfelder from the Library of Congress’ Digital Preservation Office.  Mike’s presentation on educating users about personal archiving was inspiring.  It gave me so many ideas for my own work, and as a result, I’m doing two presentations (for public and school librarians) in the coming months on helping students learn how to build, manage, share and archive their personal information collections.  The LOC’s Digital Preservation Office has some great resources on this subject (did you know you can hold your own Personal Digital Archiving Day?), and I’ll be using some of their materials when I present.

At the conference, Mike asked me to contribute a post to the Library of Congress’s Signal blog on some of the concepts I covered in my presentation.  I discussed the critical literacies relevant to personal archiving at the conference, and you can see my resulting blog post here.  Thanks to Mike (and his Library of Congress NDIPP colleagues) for this terrific opportunity!

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