Personal archiving: saving your past

Yesterday, I presented another session in the series of webinars I have created as part of the Digital Navigator series for area public librarians.  This session focused on the basics of saving important scholarly and personal documents for future access.

Our online group had a terrific discussion about the challenges in accumulating, organizing, curating, and migrating personal information collections.  Some of the resources and initiatives we discussed include:
Archive Team—Archiving endangered web-hosted content
The Library of Congress’s Personal Archiving Initiatives—Great resources for disseminating information about the importance of personal archiving in your local community.
Dropbox—A back-up and cloud storage solution
Google Drive–Google’s new Dropbox competitor, and a similar service (but with more initial, free space)
The presentation recording is available here, and the slides are available here.  My thanks to everyone who participated in the presentation!

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