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Personal archiving: saving your past

Yesterday, I presented another session in the series of webinars I have created as part of the Digital Navigator series for area public librarians.  This session focused on the basics of saving important scholarly and personal documents for future access. Our online group had a terrific discussion about the challenges in accumulating, organizing, curating, and […]

Exploring iPads and Apps presentation

Today marked my second presentation for the Digital Navigator grant:  Exploring iPads and Apps.  This presentation was attended by nearly 30 public librarians from the Central Pennsylvania region.   You can view the session recording here, and the session powerpoint here. For this presentation, I used Reflection, Mac software that allows mirroring of your iPad […]

Take two: digital cameras / digital storytelling

Today marked a reprise of my original webcast on Digital Cameras and Digital Storytelling, as part of the State Library-funded Digital Navigator series I am developing in collaboration with area public librarians. The presentation itself is located here.  One of the photo editing sites we discussed last fall, Picnik, was bought by Google and is […]

Digital cameras / digital storytelling

I am participating in a grant, through the PA State Library, to help public librarians gain digital literacies.  This $55K grant provides equipment for the librarians to use in outreach initiatives with their community (iPads, digital cameras, and Mac laptops) and I am providing the training to the librarians on how to get the most […]

Why Isn’t Local News More Open?

Cole Camplese, a Bloomsburg, PA native (and Senior Director for Teaching and Learning with Technology here at Penn State) raised an important question on his blog about open access to local news sources.  Cole’s family was recently impacted by the severe flooding in Bloomsburg, and he questioned the local newspaper’s (the Bloomsburg Press Enterprise) decision […]

OS Lion and the LIAS-VPN

I upgraded to Lion on my Mac laptop last week.  Very exciting!  Not so exciting was the fact that in upgrading to Lion, I lost access to a few critical, yet dinosaur-like resources—the Oracle calendar client and the Cisco VPN.  I can make do with the Oracle web calendar, but one thing I could not […]

Embedded Librarianship in Workforce Ed

Dr. David Passmore, Professor of Education & Operations Research, came by the library to make two videos with me today.  His students will use Zotero to archive and share scholarly resources in a class this fall, and he suggested we record conversational videos to complement a number of other learning objects that he will make […]

Archiving the web, continued

I am fascinated with the idea of archiving the web, especially the social and scholarly content that Web users are creating everywhere.  If we don’t archive the web continually (and perhaps print everything out), we are doomed to a digital dark age.  It is frightening to think that everything we are creating today could be […]

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