Consumer Surveys

One of the most widely used tools in conducting research for a new, or existing, product is consumer surveys.  Consumer surveys are exactly what they say they are.  A series of questions are given out to the buyers of a certain product or service, trying to obtain information on how the product or service can be bettered.  It is a simple approach that can sometimes solve complex problems.  Companies should not try and make assumptions about the market that they are in, but instead rely on customers to give them input.

Consumer surveys can tell you:

  • What kind of audience your product appeals to
  • Shopping habits of your targets
  • The want/need of your product
  • Wether people are aware about your product
  • What people use your product for
  • Possible new ideas for your product
  • Improvements on design

All of these aspects of consumer surveys help companies development strategies and ideas on how to make their product better.

For our group project in this class, we conducted a survey and sent it out to people that we knew.  The responses that we received are now playing an integral part in the design process of our smartphone.  We asked questions to get feedback on topics such as size, capabilities, battery life, willingness to pay, and some open ended questions so people could give us any additional feedback that they might have.  All of these questions helped us gain an idea of what people want to see in a smartphone, which ultimately made our project better.

Here is a link to a website I used as reference:

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