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7 Rules to Creating a Professional Portfolio Site (Profile)

Your online presence should be a showcase demonstrating who you are and what you can do for future employers, clients, or careers. Just like your resumes and cover letters, you will choose certain skills, values, artifacts, etc., based on the professional brand or image you want to create for yourself. Remember, when you post your resume online, you are creating a “digital tattoo” or impression of yourself. When creating an online identity, ask yourself the following question: How do you want potential employers or clients to see you?

Utilize all the rhetorical strategies that we have discussed so far, including strong attention to audience and purpose; clear, effective prose; sophisticated application of organizational patterns, design elements, accessibility, readability, typography and more.

The following article, 7 Rules to Creating a Professional Portfolio Site summarize principles to employ in your profile design to build or improve your portfolio. These principles not only impress the clients, but also ensure their smooth user experience.

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