About English 202B.012 Honors



This intensive honors reading and writing course will provide you with an opportunity to engage in an active, in-depth examination of literacy. Definitions of literacy; the history of literacy, including social concerns/movements and political agendas; levels of literacy and the impact these levels have on various groups (defined by gender, socioeconomic status, and ethnicity), as well as the implications of achieving certain standards of literacy (for the individual and for society); theories of literacy learning and teaching; and the future of literacy are some of the topics that will be examined during the course of the semester through reading, discussion, and writing.

In addition, you will work with one or more adult learners, guiding them as they strive to improve their own literacy skills. Please note that the tutoring component of this course earns you an additional three LA 495 internship credits for a total of six credits when combined with English 202B.012 Honors.

Course requirements include completing written assignments focusing on various literacy-related issues, discussing assigned readings and leading class discussions.

You will also participate in a tutor-training program and conduct individual tutoring sessions for approximately three hours per week with one or more English as a Second Language (ESL) learner or adults pursuing their General Equivalency Diploma (GED) or enrolled in a job-training program.


In This Class You Will:

  • Learn about literacy through exciting texts and invigorating class discussions
  • Participate in community-based literacy service projects
  • Tutor adults who are striving to improve their own literacy skills
  • Satisfy your English 202 requirement

All students, regardless of major, are welcome.

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