Frequently Asked Questions


When and where does English 202B.012 Honors meet?

During the Fall 2016 semester, class meets in 209 Thomas on Tuesdays and Thursdays from1:35 until 2:50.

Do I have to be enrolled in Schreyer Honors College to take English 202B.012 Honors?

No. Students from all colleges and majors are welcome.

Are there prerequisites for this course?

Yes.  The prerequisites are:

  • English 015, English 030, or English/CAS 137/8 H
  • Successful completion of 27 credits
Will English 202B.012 Honors satisfy my English 202 degree requirement?

English 202B.012 Honors does satisfy the English 202 requirement for all students enrolled in Schreyer, regardless of major. Students who are not enrolled in Schreyer should speak with their advisors to confirm that the course will meet the necessary requirements, which it typically does.

What is LA 495?

Liberal Arts 495 is a three-credit internship that students participate in during the semester they are enrolled in English 202B.012 Honors. The internship offers students the opportunity to tutor an adult learner in the community for Penn State credits. Students are manually enrolled in LA495 during the first class meeting. Students cannot enroll prior to the start of classes.

Can I participate in LA 495 if I have no tutoring experience?

Absolutely. Most of the students who enroll in English 202B.012/LA495 have never tutored before. All students participate in a comprehensive tutor-training program at the beginning of the semester before being paired with an adult learner from the community.

I’m not an English or education major, so I’m not sure I’d be able to teach reading or writing.

Students from a wide variety of majors successfully participate in English 202B.012/LA 495. The adult learners who sign up to receive tutoring do so for many different reasons. Some may want to improve their English speaking and writing skills; others may be preparing for the GED (high school equivalency diploma) and need help studying for the math and science portions of the test. Some adult learners may need assistance preparing for a professional certification test, and, yes, others simply want to learn how to read and write. The greater the variety of skills and interests our tutors possess, the better able we are to meet the needs of such a diverse adult population.

Can I enroll in English 202B.012 Honors but opt out of LA 495 and tutoring?

No. English 202B.012 Honors and LA 495 are linked courses. Students must participate in both.

Will there be weekly class meetings for LA 495?

No. Tutor training is provided during English 202B.012 Honors. The only meetings required for LA 495 are the weekly tutoring sessions, which are scheduled at a time that fits both the tutor’s and the adult learner’s schedules. Students tutor for a total of three hours each week after being paired with an adult learner, typically around Week 3 of the semester. Tutor/learner pairs might meet three times a week for one hour, twice a week for an hour and a half, or once a week for three hours. The number of times a tutor meets with his or her learning partner each week is left to the discretion of the learning pair. So long as the minimum three-hour weekly commitment is met, there are no restrictions on how often learning pairs must meet each week.

I don’t have a car. How will I get to my tutoring sessions?

While there are several off-campus sites where tutoring occurs, most students arrange to meet with their assigned adult learner on campus or downtown.

Will I receive support while tutoring, or will I be on my own after I complete the tutor training?

You will definitely receive support throughout the semester—and lots of it. Remember, every other student enrolled in English 202H is also participating in the tutoring internship (LA 495). During English 202B.012 Honors class meetings, student tutors have the opportunity to seek support, share successes, and encourage others who are also tutoring adults in the community. In short, you’ll have access to a great network of tutors who share your determination to improve an adult’s literacy. Further, in addition to the support available in class, each tutor will work closely with and report to one of two tutoring supervisors. These individuals are experienced educators affiliated with organizations that serve the adult learners in our community.

Aside from the required tutoring internship, in what ways is English 202B.012 Honors different from other English 202 courses?

Unlike other sections of English 202, English 202B.012 Honors does not focus on writing for a particular profession in the same way that, for example, English 202D might prepare students to become strong business writers and communicators. Rather, English 202B.012 Honors focuses on literacy—its definitions, its importance, and its implications—through a wide variety of readings and class discussions. There is a strong emphasis on researching and writing about literacy-related issues, and there is also a strong commitment to service. In addition to tutoring, students engage in service by designing and implementing dynamic service projects that contribute to increased literacy in the community.

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