In this course you will make new friends from around the world, as well as grow as an individual. This course will teach you the value of literacy, and help you foster communication skills that will be vital for any profession you pursue, regardless of whether it is in the realm of education or not. The friendships that you make in the process of completing this course are invaluable, and the memories that you will build with [the adult learner you tutor] will stay with you for a lifetime. By participating in this course you will feel like you are making a difference in someone’s life, and it is remarkable how much of a difference you can actually make. This course will have a lasting impact on not only your learner, but also you.

Terryanne Barbour

I learned from this class is that adult literacy is an issue. I walked into the classroom knowing nothing about the topic, but after learning about it in class and seeing it firsthand with [the adult learner I tutored], I was able to expand my horizons and understand a lesser known issue. Some people do not have the opportunity to receive a good education, but by volunteering as a tutor and taking this class, anyone can make a difference.

Teddy Smith

As my time tutoring Angela came to a close, I reflected on the past four months. Working with Angela was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had at Penn State, and it is difficult to put into words how this experience affected me. Angela showed me the powerful difference people can have on someone’s life by simply giving a few hours of their time. I am incredibly grateful to have had this experience, and it is one that I know I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Emily Swope

I signed up for this honors course because it encompassed everything I could ever want out of a class: honors credits, internship credits, and tutoring that will look great on a resume. I have to admit I signed up for the class mostly for my own benefit at first, but the first day of class really changed my thinking. Walking into class, we were faced with an army of professors and staff that explained the integrated course in full detail. I began getting excited after hearing the impact student tutors have had on past learners.

Odgerel Bat-Yeruult

The literacy and social issues we discussed in class really opened my eyes to some of the neglected inequalities and injustices in our society. As a future physician, I think the discussions we had in the course will really help me better understand my patients with diverse backgrounds. I also really enjoyed tutoring my Korean ESL learner and am thankful for the opportunity to have an impact on someone, even if it may be small. Overall, I greatly enjoyed the class and will recommend it to my friends. I think this course offers very important lessons for science/premed majors.

Grace Lee

So let me start by telling you that this has been by far the best English class I have taken at Penn State. Yes, there are a lot of assignments. Yes, they seem daunting when you first look at the syllabus. And yes, this class requires a large time commitment. But having, at this point, almost completed my semester in English 202H, I can honestly say that it was all entirely worth it

Jacob Cohen

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