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General Body Meeting: CV Panel and Workshop

PhD ComicsCurious about how to optimize your CV or resume for agency work? Education and outreach? Post-doc positions? Academia?

Join us for the second general body meeting of the semester: Tuesday, October 13th from 121:30 pm in FRB 217!

During this lunchtime, we will have brief presentations from four members of our department, a question and answer period, and a large chunk of time for workshopping your CV or resume with fellow students and the panel. Snacks will be provided for all attendees. Our amazing panel includes the following individuals and an example question for each of them. Please brainstorm your own questions to ask during the session!

Cal DuBrock – Goddard Chair in Forestry and Environmental Resource Conservation with years of experience as a the director of wildlife management in the PA Game Commission.

  • Are the skills desired by non-academic institutions fairly similar to those required by academia or can you suggest particular skills/experiences that are more desirable?

Laura Leites – Assistant Professor of Quantitative Forest Ecology

  • How can you best set your resume apart and make it memorable among the deluge of applications?

Ebony Murrell – Post-doc in Kaye lab looking at changes in arthropod communities in response to agricultural practices.

  • How much do you emphasize different components of your resume (e.g. teaching, lab experience, analysis skills, etc) when looking for a postdoc?

Sanford “Sandy” Smith – Senior Lecturer and Extension Specialist

  • How do you decide which experiences to highlight on your CV rather than including all the details?

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We look forward to seeing you there!

First General Body Meeting: Planning for Career Marketability

The ESM GSO would like to invite you the first general body meeting of the semester! It will be on Wednesday, September 23rd from 4-5 pm in FRB 105.  This is an opportunity for graduate students in ESM to meet with their officers, discuss issues they would like to see the GSO address, and brainstorm ideas for activities.

Following suggestions from last semester, we are also hosting professional development opportunities during each general body meeting this semester. To start it off, Career Services will be leading us through “Planning for Career Marketability,” and it should be a good way to think about where you want to end up after grad school and how to get there.

And don’t worry, delicious snacks will be provided. We hope to see you there!