GSO Departmental Resources

1) New Student Checklist

Are you a recently accepted graduate student to the ESM department? Not sure what exactly you need to do to become a bonafide student? Check out the checklist we have created where all the necessary steps, like getting your student ID and registering for classes, are in one place. Access the checklist here. The checklist is continually updated, so if you have any suggestions, email us!

2) Course Registration: Useful Programs and Recommended Courses

Aside from coursework offered through our three programs, you will likely take courses from other departments on campus. We continually update a list of recommended courses, and we provide a shortlist of relevant departments/programs to investigate when it comes time for registering for classes. View the list here. (In development)

Advice and Resources

Marissa Baskett’s lab page at UC Davis has dozens of useful resources on a variety of topics: academic and career advice, funding and job hunting, scientific communication skills, programming, etc. There is bound to be something useful no matter what stage you are of your graduate degree. Visit the website here.

Penn State also offers several on-campus and online services to help students:

  • The Graduate Writing Center offers writing consultations and workshops for students needing assistance on writing projects.
  • The Data Learning Center is available to students needing assistance on geospatial, statistical, and data discovery services and training.
  • Penn State’s  ITS Training Services offers workshops and training for students in common applications and technical skills.
  • The Eberly College of Science has an informative website about planning, writing, and implementing broader impacts in proposals.
  • The Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence offers workshops, resources, and certifications for teaching college courses.

Penn State also has support resources on campus to help you navigate your time here:

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