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Next Diversity in Science lunch!

Hey all,

We are quickly approaching our second Diversity in Science brown bag lunch event. The aim of this event is to provide a casual space and invite a speaker to discuss what diversity currently looks like in our profession and what the future holds. This includes the challenges to diversity but also the ways to overcome such obstacles. The focus of this lunch will be challenges faced by international researchers in the US, the importance of international collaboration, and the atmosphere for female forestry researchers currently.
The lunch will be:
Date: Thursday, March 23rd from 11:30am-1:00pm
Location: FRB 217
Speaker: Dr. Laura Leites

Dr. Leites did her undergraduate degree at Universidad de la República, Uruguay before moving to the United States for her Masters and PhD at University of Idaho. She focuses on using statistical modeling to predict changes and manage forest ecosystems in response to climate change. She is also active in involving students in international research experience with a collaborative program in Italy for select undergraduate and graduate researchers.
See the attached flyer and please encourage your ESM peers to attend! This lunch is restricted to graduate students and postdocs as to cultivate a safe environment for the speaker to discuss topics without other faculty or staff present.
Feel free to come, bring your lunch, stay for the entire or part of the time, and chat with Dr. Leites.
Please feel free to contact sma279@psu.edu with suggestions, thoughts, or questions.

ESM GSO updates

Hey all,

Some notes regarding events happening this semester.

Writing group will be held Wednesdays from 1:30-3pm in ASI room 205.  Every-other meetup will involve a chance to exchange writing for peer review for the first 45 minutes.  This way, if you are only interested in peer review, you can target which meetings to attend.  Otherwise, it is a space to focus on writing and to be held accountable for any writing goals you wish to set for yourself. All are welcome to attend!

We will also be hosting a monthly Diversity in Science brown bag lunch with a guest speaker. This is an event designed to allow students to have a frank conversation with each other and an invited speaker regarding their perspective on diversity in our profession and opportunities to overcome any obstacles. The schedule so far is:

Dr. Margaret Brittingham, February 27th, 11:30am-1pm in FRB 217 (see attached flyer)

Dr. Laura Leites, March 23rd, TBD

Dr. Lisette Waits, April 17th, TBD

Stay tuned for more details!

Have you been a TA?

If so, we would like to know!

We are currently trying to develop an ESM Teaching Assistant Compendium, which was first suggested this past year by the graduate student body. The compendium will contain information and advice (from a graduate student perspective) on the roles TAs have in FOR, SOILS, and WFS courses.

Following the link you will find a questionnaire that addresses different aspects of a TA’s responsibilities. If you have been a TA, please consider contributing to the compendium by filling out a questionnaire and sending it back to us.

We appreciate your participation

New Student Checklist Created

For most new students, a significant amount of time is spent on gathering the on-boarding information they need to become an “official” graduate student. With input from the administrative staff and faculty, we have put together a succinct checklist that puts all the important information into one place. Currently, the plan is to send out this checklist to new students once they have accepted their positions in the ESM department. Thanks to everyone who helped create this document!