Spanish 3

Brief Course Description

I currently teach Spanish 3 in the Spanish Basic Language Program (SBLP) at Penn State. This is a hybrid course, that is, it is divided into two components: in-class and online. Students meet with me in the classroom two hours a week, and the rest of the instruction (with presentations, videos, tutorials…) and homework assignments are completed on-line.

The goal of this course is to develop and improve all four communication skills in Spanish: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. The course follows the communicative approach, derived from the idea that students best learn a language when they are exposed to meaningful input and activities based on real world information. Therefore, during the semester, students have the opportunity to exchange real-life information about themselves and their classmates, and this exchange is carried out in Spanish, which results in students being able to communicate in a foreign language.

Translation 412

More information coming soon, stay tuned.


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