Evaluating the Combined Impact of Node Architecture and Cloud Workload Characteristics on Network Traffic and Performance/Cost

Abstract The combined impact of node architecture and workload characteristics on off-chip network traffic with performance/cost analysis has not been investigated before in the context of emerging cloud applications. Motivated by this observation, this paper performs a thorough characterization of twelve cloud workloads using a full-system datacenter simulation infrastructure. We first study the inherent network […]


Discovering Triangles in Portraits for Supporting Photographic Creation, S He, Z Zhou, F Farhat, JZ Wang, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, Aug 2017. Intelligent Portrait Composition Assistance — Integrating Deep-learned Models and Photography Idea Retrieval, F Farhat, MM Kamani, S Mishra, JZ Wang, July 2017. Skeleton Matching with Applications in Severe Weather Detection, MM Kamani, F […]


Farshid Farhat @ EECS PSU PhD Candidate School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science The Pennsylvania State University Address: 310 IST Building, University Park, PA, 16802. Email: fuf111 AT psu DOT edu Web: Farshid Farhat ‘s Site@PSU About Me I am a member of Intelligent Information Systems (IIS) research lab at Penn State. I am working with Prof. […]

Behavioral Analog Topology Synthesizer

 BATS recursively designs a schematic of a circuit using elements such as resistors, capacitors, and transistors   نرم‌افزار BATS طراحی‌کننده توپولوژي مدارهاي آنالوگ درحوزة سيگنال‌كوچك و فركانس پايين   1        معماري نرم‌افزار BATS       نرم‌افزاري که براي نشان دادن عملي بخشي از قابليت‌هاي مورد نظر در روش طراحي مبتني بر رفتار نوشته شده BATS[1] نام دارد. اين نرم‌افزار به كمك زبان برنامه نويسي Visual C++ 6 نوشته […]