1/23/15: Sarah Collins Rudolph and Tracy Snipe


Sarah Collins Rudolph, Fifth Girl and Survivor of the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombings and Tracy Snipe, Associate Professor of Political Science at Wright State University

Topic: Forgotten Girl, Forerunners to the Civil Rights Act & Voting Rights Act

Location: Ballroom, The Nittany Lion Inn

Introduction / Moderator: Eric Barron / Katie O’Toole

Sarah Collins Rudolph was the ‘fifth little girl’ inside the Ladies’ Lounge when a bomb detonated at the 16th Street Baptist Church more than fifty years ago on September 15, 1963. She tried valiantly to rescue her sister Addie Mae Collins who perished along with Denise McNair, Carole Robertson, and Cynthia “Morris” Wesley. Decades later Sarah received the Harmony Award from the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) for demonstrating bravery at the time of this tragedy. Along with her sister Junie Collins Williams and Dr. Snipe, Mrs. Rudolph co-presented “Unsung Heroines, Untold Stories… of the Movement” at the National Conference on Race & Ethnicity (NCORE) three years ago. Sarah has lectured at Faith &Politics’ 11th Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage and the American Bar Association (Litigation Section) in St. Louis, MS. Missouri.

Tracy Snipe, Ph.D., an associate professor in the Department of Political Science at Wright State University, teaches a variety of classes including African-American Politics, Black Women and Politics, French Politics, and Politics in Film. He is the author of Arts and Politics in Senegal and has published in outlets such as The Annals and Diverse Magazine. Along with Mrs. Rudolph and Mrs. Williams, Dr. Snipe co-presented “A Tale of Two Sisters” at the University of Nebraska (Medical Center) as well as the Omaha and Lincoln campus. He is currently writing Sarah Collins Rudolph’s biography (which is tentatively titled The Fifth Girl) as well as Remembrances of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church Bombing.

*Cover photo courtesy of: NPR