In the news

Talking about judge’s ruling in desegregation case involving splinter district. Washington Post, April 2017

Comments about new appointment for federal Office for Civil Rights. Diverse Issues in Higher Education, April 2017

Remarks about Buffalo school desegregation case. New York Times, April 2017

Discussing proposed new law about charter schools in Michigan. Michigan Public Radio, April 2017

Interview about new research on charter school segregation in Pennsylvania. Harrisburg NPR station, April 2017

Story on state threatening Louisville’s integration policy includes my research. Washington Post, March 2017

With comments from me about segregation in public preschools. KPCC, Southern California Public Radio, January 2017

Discussing Betsy DeVos’s nomination for U.S. Secretary of Education. Christian Science Monitor, January 2017

Discussing my research examining school district fragmentation in Jefferson County, Alabama. The Atlantic’s CityLab, January 2017

Talking about the history of vouchers to maintain racial segregation. ThinkProgress, January 2017

Named one of education’s most influential scholars. EdWeek, January 2017

Describing school district fragmentation and relationship to school segregation. Christian Science Monitor, December 2016

Review of a think tank report promoting school choice instead of school integration. El Paso Herald Post, December 2016

More coverage of my review of think tank report about school choice and segregation. Public News Service, December 2016

Radio interview about preschool segregation report. BYU Radio, November 2016

Includes a link about preschool segregation study. The Nation, October 2016

With comments about between district disparities after Connecticut Supreme Court decision. New York Times, September 2016

Discussion of proposed district secession in Alabama. Washington Post, August 2016

Describing research on how to diversify K-12 Schools. Diverse Issues in Higher Education, June 2016

Describing school segregation trends. New York Times, May 2016

Racial diversity in Pennsylvania schools. Pocono Record, July 2015