My Paradigm Shift Paper Ideas

So I’ve been thinking about what to write about in my paradigm shift paper and I gave one idea during class that I think would work well, but I want to contribute some other ideas, just as a backup plan.

1. This was the idea that I contributed in class: the family dynamic and how it has changed over time. Back in the day, the family structure was quite simple. Dad would go to work and be the breadwinner, mom would stay at home and take care of household matters and take care of the children, while the kids would to be seen and not heard, to obey their parents and do as society were to tell them to do so. Now, dad and mom both have to work in order to keep up with the economy, and kids have new found freedoms, the freedom to get part-time jobs, were more willing to disobey their parents, and family spends less time with one another. It does not have to be dad and mom, the modern family can also consist of two moms or two dads, stepfathers or stepmothers. The family dynamic sure has changed over the years.

2. The trend on nutrition has changed so much over time. Back in the people took greater care of themselves, making sure to eat properly and exercising to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, all you hear are politicians talk about battling the future and fatter America. Children are continuously gaining weight because of the dietary habits with which they are continually immersing themselves in. There are many reasons why people are not gaining the proper nutrition that they used to. For one they do not have the time to prepare healthy foods and junk food is not only convenient but less expensive. Parents are working around the clock and children only have half the time that they used to.

3. The paradigm shift towards complementary and alternative medicine. Although it is not integrated into the official healthcare system, complementary and alternative medicine focuses upon spirituality and religion. It focuses upon the use of prayer and holistic medicine to cure a person’s illness rather than just searching for the illness itself. There has been a paradigm shift from traditional Western medicine to holistic medicine, and although traditional medicine is still prominent, holistic medicine is gaining more attention.

I’m not sure which one I want to do so please give me feedback, thanks 🙂


3 thoughts on “My Paradigm Shift Paper Ideas

  1. These are all great. Personally, I would find the family structure most interesting. It seems like this aspect of society is often ignored by mass media. I don’t know if people fear offending someone by pointing out this drastic change, but it doesn’t seem to get the attention it deserves.

    Nutrition is certainly an important issue with obesity becoming an epidemic. However, with dozens of PSAs and documentaries like Super Size Me, I wonder if “Fat America” is approaching dead horse status.

    Alternative medicine is the subject I know the least about, but after a few hours on a plane with a woman who was extremely enthusiastic about it’s benefits, I’m curious to hear more.

  2. I agree with Robert. While all three of your ideas would serve you well for this essay, the first one is an interesting and expansive topic. There is just so much material that you could cover with the subject of family.

    Of course, you want to outline all the changes in family structure over the last few decades, but there’s also plenty of material to cover why this paradigm shift is important to society. There are millions of children growing up with separated parents and it’s hard to imagine that their parents’ separation did not have a huge impact on the children’s lives. With this continued shift in society, there must be great impact on society.

    I think you have great ideas for your essay. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do.

  3. I think that all 3 are good ideas for your essay. I personally think that the 1st one would be the best. This topic also has so many different aspects to discuss, like you mentioned. You can talk about how it is so common now for people to divorce and re-marry, making families have step-parents and half-siblings, something that used to be unheard of. Furthermore, you have the concept that most families now have two working parents to support their family due to the poor economic times that we are in. I am very thankful that I grew up in a more traditional house. My dad worked while my mom stayed home and took care of the house. My family also made sure that we spent a lot of time together as a family, but those concepts are beginning to die out. I think that this topic has the most content to discuss and would be very interesting to write about.

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