The Frost Welcomes a Thaw

Another new face at the Frost. Photo by Kaila Lessner (CC by 2.0) Click for source

Another new face at the Frost. Photo by Kaila Lessner (CC BY 2.0) Click for source.

My name is Marcus Thaw, and I started working at the Frost Entomological Museum  on June 19th. I am going to be a fifth year senior at Penn State intending to graduate in spring 2016 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, but, aside from insects, Ultimate Frisbee is my true passion.

I spent the last two summers as an engineering intern at the Littell Steel Company, a steel fabrication company, which was a great learning experience. I found out about the research assistant position in a job posting that intrigued me, even though I had no previous interest in bugs. What piqued my curiosity was the opportunity to renovate the museum from the ground up. Joining the Frost and its impressive collection at the beginning of the metamorphosis into an entirely new experience for the public is beyond exciting.

The hard work that Andy, Emily, Carlie, Sam, Mike, and I put into renovating the museum is paying off. The museum looks updated inside;  it will be ready to be shown off to the public soon enough with more hard work.

As a mechanical engineering student, I look at things with a different perspective than the rest of the individuals at the Frost, who have biology and even more specific backgrounds. I plan to use this unique view to benefit the museum both behind the scenes and publicly. After all, I don’t think I was hired to “Thaw” the  Frost.

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2 Responses to The Frost Welcomes a Thaw

  1. Andy Deans says:

    We’re happy to have you!

  2. Robert says:

    Frost always welcomes a thaw, as thaw always welcomes a frost

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