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Parasites or Hitchhikers? Mites Found on Ceraphronoids

Ceraphronoidea is a superfamily of parasitoid wasps that occurs worldwide, yet little is known about the life history of this group. The superfamily includes both ecto- and endoparasitoids, sometimes within the same genus (e.g. Dendrocerus)1,2,3. Though ceraphronoids have been reported … Continue reading

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ESA Eastern Branch Meeting

Last weekend, I traveled to Annapolis, MD, to attend the 89th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Branch of the Entomological Society of America (ESA). This was my first time attending this meeting and my first time being in Annapolis, which … Continue reading

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Happy 209th Birthday, Darwin!

Charles Darwin was born on February 12th, 1809. Last year, I had the pleasure of taking a class taught by Benoît Dayrat focused solely on reading and discussion Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species”, which I would like to discuss … Continue reading

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Learning about life from dead insects: What morphology can teach us about a new species of wasp from Costa Rica

How much can you tell about a wasp’s life when all you have are dead specimens that are over 30 years old and smaller than a grain of rice? If you have a morphologist and a good microscope, you can … Continue reading

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Illustrating Metamorphosis with Maria Sibylla Merian

This post is the fifth in a short blog series featuring important figures in the history of natural history. Maria Sibylla Merian is considered one of the most important naturalists of the 17th  century. Though she was well known during … Continue reading

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