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New Year’s resolutions

I used to post an annual list of New Year’s resolutions for the collection when I was director of the NC State Insect Museum, complete with an assessment of how we did with last year’s resolutions. Not sure why I … Continue reading

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Natural History Observations: Wasps on Red Maple

While kayaking in Holland, Massachusetts, I paddled under the branches of a tree that had fallen into the river, and realized too late that it was completely covered in wasps. I made it through unstung, but paddled back for a … Continue reading

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Observing insect natural history

Have you ever spent time carefully observing the insects that dwell on the surface of a pond? Water striders, water measurers, water treaders, and the like? Last time I visited Powdermill Nature Reserve I laid myself down on the dock … Continue reading

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Pitcher plant prey

Ha! I just found this list of pitcher plant contents we identified as a class and put together as a draft blog post last September (see previous post for context and additional photos): 2 caterpillars, 2 adult lepidopteran heads (crania) … Continue reading

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Latest adventure to Ten Acre Pond

It’s a good time of year to check in on our favorite local locale: Ten Acre Pond. It’s a well-know spot for dragonflies and other aquatic insects, and this is the time of year that activity heats up. We went … Continue reading

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