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Point-mount adhesive follow-up

My previous post about adhesives used to prepare specimens appears to have started a constructive dialog in social media. I want to address a few points that were raised there. Some quick context first: Entomologists really want their specimens to … Continue reading

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Natural History Observations: Wasps on Red Maple

While kayaking in Holland, Massachusetts, I paddled under the branches of a tree that had fallen into the river, and realized too late that it was completely covered in wasps. I made it through unstung, but paddled back for a … Continue reading

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2018 Entomological Collections Management Workshop in San Francisco, California

Last week, I attended the 2018 Entomological Collections Management Workshop, held at the California Academy of Sciences (CAS) in San Francisco, California. This was an intensive 4-day workshop run by the Entomological Collections Network (ECN) aimed at educating and training … Continue reading

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Point mounts and adhesives

I posted awhile ago about how we had secured funding for an assessment of our collection and our building. We were busy preparing for that to happen in early June, and now we’re busy dealing with the results! First, I … Continue reading

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Parasites or Hitchhikers? Mites Found on Ceraphronoids

Ceraphronoidea is a superfamily of parasitoid wasps that occurs worldwide, yet little is known about the life history of this group. The superfamily includes both ecto- and endoparasitoids, sometimes within the same genus (e.g. Dendrocerus)1,2,3. Though ceraphronoids have been reported … Continue reading

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