This I Believe

Going through high school, I never knew that I would be so dedicated to anything other than my academics. All I wanted was an activity that kept me occupied and out of trouble; eventually I found that outlet in running. Don’t get me wrong, I had the ability to compete, but I do not LIKE running. What kept me focused was the end goal in mind- Winning races, receiving medals, breaking records and bragging rights were my only incentives pushed me to attend practice everyday. So that’s what eventually happened, I began to run in the winter and in the spring seasons.

During my senior year, I had an amazing season but slowly and steadily I knew that the track season and my high school career would be over and I knew I wanted to leave a more before my forced retirement. The county meet was coming up and I knew there was a chance where I could show the entire world what I was capable of.

The day before the county meet after practice, our coach told us we already knew what to do and that he was not going to tell us anything else. Somehow I knew what he was talking about, but those words did not hit me until I received the catalyst-my baton.

On the day of the county meet, I knew the race I was going to run with my relay members but I didn’t think that anything spectacular would come out of it. I knew that we were facing teams that beat us and I knew that we were facing teams that put up faster times than my team could ever think of. I also knew that people did not even recognize my relay as a contender to at least place in the race.

Somehow, I let these thoughts run into my head and something was telling me that I had no chance at success. Another voice in my head was telling me that it never hurts to try.

When the prompter told me to line up, my emotions were at an all time high. I usually get scared to run, I get scared to feel the burn of pushing my body to its extreme limit to the point I worry about it giving out on me.

The prompter tells us to set our mark, and the gun goes off. I felt weird that day, somehow I was less nervous that I usually was before races. Somehow, when I began to run my inner beast unleashed and I am suddenly awakened into a new person, a Victor that I have never seen before.

I begin to run, and somehow I see myself keeping close proximity with the frontrunners and somehow a voice is telling me to push and go faster. So I begin to push until I know that I cannot push anymore. One second, I see myself passing a runner. Two seconds, I see myself passing another runner and after five seconds I see myself at the top of the pack.

This is when I begin to hear screaming and people yelling my name. I continue to move, left foot, right foot, and left foot again. Now I feel my senses becoming heightened. I can hear the runners behind me exerting themselves to catch up with me but it suddenly pushes me to go faster and when I get faster, I suddenly hear the thuds of the other runners becoming fainter and fainter.

When I ran that day, I felt like a different animal, there was nothing out there that would stop me. I remember my heart beating rapidly, my emotions swirling around my head and my feet throbbing after a couple minutes. Even through all of that, I did not allow those distractions to mean anything because I had the mentality to win.

That day I broke my personal record in the 800m, helped break a school record in a 800m relay and helped win my school the gold in the 800m in 20 years. I believe everyone has that X-factor that will push them beyond their normal limits. I believe that the past does not matter when you are living in the present and I believe it doesn’t matter how you start the race, but more about how you finish it.

2 thoughts on “This I Believe”

  1. As someone who used to be on a high school cross country team, I can completely understand the line about not liking to run, but doing it anyway. Running is one of the best exersices one can do for the body, but nothing about is is ‘fun’. Very glad to hear your story had a happy ending, and congratulations on your record!

  2. This is really good! I like how descriptive you are when telling the story which brings it to life. I think this is going to really help you out when you are trying to convey your emotions on the podcast. Additionally, the ending and overall message fit well with the rest of your piece. Great job!

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