Young Vic X Shot You Down

Today I will be analyzing another one of my songs, which is entitled “Shot You Down”. This song is a remix to the Isaiah Rashad version which was the lead single to his breakout project “Cilvia Demo”. This song was written during my “experimental phase” where I tried to create my own sound but had no direction  where to go. In a week this song will be two years old.


Man I’m feeling a sensation, a making of my creation.. Hard to figure out if someone genuine or faking.. This beat so diverse, bout to lead it to the hearse.. In anything I do I try my best to come out first. I’m never slacking, I got a lot I’m packing.. Life throws a lot , just figure what you’re catching. Hard to say I have regrets, I learn from my mistakes. I can so do better, oh wait I’m quoting drake. The older that you grow, and the wisdom that you know.. My eyes start to open.. The key unlocks the door. Black thoughts, thoughts with insomnia.. Metabolize, making energy like mitochondria.. Dang. Using science reference, I’m so nerdy.. Tryna spell some stuff out, not talking about fergie.. Nothing calms me than composing new tracks.. Tryna keep the hustle no room to relax. Just tryna state some facts, maybe need state farm, my charm I’d to calm a situation with alarm. Woo lemme take a breather, no days off never lazy not a sleeper. If you got a good girl, I advise that you keep her. People mistake cocky and confident no J bieber. I’m turning y’all into believers.. I’m catching everything like I’m the fastest wide receiver..
I’ve seen myself become impartial to certain things, I’ve seen myself go numb when know that it should sting.. I guess there’s things I will never understand. Life is a beach and I’m playing in the sand.. I’m feeling like I got the whole world in my hand.. I just need it play it to impress like a band.. Maybe need insurance to avoid the reprimand.. On my Allstate, are you in good hands?

I came, I saw, I conquered, eh I shot you down.
And your brain ain’t go not conscious, eh what you do now. I came, I saw, I conquered eh I shot you down.. & I bang, I bang, I blocka, eh what you do now?
No negative ppl, eh I shot you down..
No two faced I shot you down
No negative what do now
No selfish narcissists.. eh, what you do.. don’t make a sound.

Lyrics and Personal Interpretation:

I open up by saying, “Its hard to figure out if someone is genuine or faking” I feel that there are a lot of fake people in the world who magically appear in your life when they need something from you and sometimes it is hard to see if they are down for you or trying to take advantage. I then go on by saying this beat is “diverse” here I am emphasizing that I am trying new things in music (because this isn’t a beat that I would normally rap on). I continue by explaining that I work hard (a theme that is reiterated a lot in my music) and that life has so many things that it will throw at you, its all about being comfortable and not biting more that you can chew. As you grow in life, you get wisdom and wisdom/knowledge is power.  With that, I feel that I am always thinking about something at any given time. Whether it is about my future, an exam grade or what I want to eat for breakfast the next day; somehow thoughts like these ones keep me awake at night. I then make a reference to science, by saying “metabolize i’m making energy like mitochondria” its pretty self explanatory in reference to science but what I meant by this is that I am hoping to boost morale and energize all of the people that will be listening to this track. Even though I want to provide energy, writing songs are my escape in life-it somehow makes me feel whole again and allows me to forget anything that I am trying to forget.

I then go on by explaining that there are no days off (well, mentally I guess). What I mean is that I am always “grinding” in an aspect that will develop me. Whether I am studying, writing music, reading books, or educating myself, everyday I am working on making myself a better person. The next line will be defined as “people do not know what they have until its gone” thats why I am advising all the fellas to take care of their girl if they have a keeper.

I begin to close by becoming personal. “I see myself become impartial to certain things” that line goes along with as I grow, instead of having direct assumptions about things I have to actually think about what is going on. For example, when Mike Brown was killed I did not jump to conclusions and assumed that he was killed intentionally. I took my time and became educated about the situation before I talked to anyone else about the situation. Generally, I close by saying that I am growing and because I am growing mentally, the way I have handled things before are the ways of the past.

Listen to “Shot You Down” below: 

2 thoughts on “Young Vic X Shot You Down”

  1. I can’t believe you wrote this two years ago!! That is absolutely fantastic. I loved your message and it felt so relatable. I really appreciate your honesty and passion. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think this is pretty impressive for something written and produced as a junior in high school. You mention you did not really have much “direction” for the lyrics, but I kind of like that about the song. It shows that your life is nuanced and multifaceted. You mention your love for science and many references to your maturation and self identity. I especially like your hook and the infamous “I came, I saw, I conquered.” You talk about your constant “grind” in your analysis and I love how this relates to the previous lyric. It is as though nothing can stop your development and your pursuits. Great song.

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