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Lil Wayne ft. Jake Troth – My Heart Races On

Today, I will do a song by an artist that so many of you already know Lil Wayne or Weezy F Baby. The song of the week is “My Heart Races On” which appears on the Free Weezy project. This album is a project that I feel is overlooked by many people (me included), but after giving the album a second chance, I managed to find some hidden gems.
[Jake Troth:]
When this world comes crashing
And time flies right past us
Love only lasts if my heart races on
So I step on the gas, burning faster and faster
‘Cause love only lasts if my heart races on
I’m racing on it, on
I’m racing on, if my heart races on[Lil Wayne:]
Uh, I’m priceless, remember me like they remember the Titans
Reality bit me and continue to bite me
Got no degree but where I’m from, that’s the original climate
Where you can’t tell a fiend a crack rock isn’t a diamond
Hold on, Lord if my Bugatti come to a dead end
I’ve already been everywhere except heaven
And tomorrow’s not promised, when I’m gone but not forgotten
I hope my homies calming down my momma, Lord
I guess I’ll see you on that other side
Where the flowers never die, the angels never lie
Yeah, the revolution will be televised
I just hope my contribution will be memorized
Oh, momma hate I got my daddy’s eyes
Never looked into my daddy’s eyes, he ain’t have the time
F–k him, the revolution will be televised
I just hope my contribution will be memorized

[Jake Troth (Lil Wayne):]
When this world comes crashing
And time flies right past us (Hold on)
Love only lasts if my heart races on (Hold on)
So I step on the gas, burning faster and faster (Hold on)
‘Cause love only lasts if my heart races on
I’m racing on if (I’m gone), on (I’m gone)
I’m racing on, if (I’m gone), my heart races on

[Lil Wayne:]
Uh, Tunechi you an angel
Must be here for a reason, and that might be the main one
Fuck it, I’m making money before making changes
I sold my soul to the devil, he bought it then exchanged it
Fuck it, I’m working bitch, I know you see me working
Searching for better days, before a better person
I’m perfect, just ask my bitch and she’ll say that’s so urgent
I purchased, my children gifts and I just keep the curses
Yeah, my heart right and my head ain’t, cause I’m never in my right mind
But I’m Einstein when I do think, and I grew wings
If you catch a feather just keep it, and I’ll be racing on
No short cuts, no cheating

[Jake Troth (Lil Wayne):]
When this world comes crashing
And time flies right past us (Hold on)
Love only lasts if my heart races on (Hold on)
So I step on the gas, burning faster and faster (Hold on)
‘Cause love only lasts if my heart races on
(My heart right and my head ain’t)
I’m racing on if (I’m gone), on, (I’m gone)
I’m racing on, if (I’m gone)
My (There’s nothing left but to fly, if you catch a feather just keep it) heart races on

[Lil Wayne:]
This morning I woke up on my good side
Life is just a race against time so have a good time
Heart racing, thoughts racing, competition, goodbye
I turn around, run backwards to see what second place look like
Oh Lord, what are we running from?
The police cause they already killed enough of us
Stay out them streets cause they don’t fuck with us, they hunting us
We in a race against racists, that’s a color run
I keep my feet above the ground, we gon’ run the town
Heart racing on, beat, beat, beating, knock and pound
Love marathon, getting deeper by the mile
I see no finish line, on your mark, set, pow

Interpretation and Reflection:
Jake Troth  opens up the hook with a serene tone along with a vibrant melody. He says that if everything else fails and the world is going to end, the only thing he will have is love. If this worst-case scenario does happen to occur his heart will actually “race” to accommodate his emotions.
Lil Wayne starts the first verse by referencing the movie – Remember The Titans (disney movie where boys played football together as blacks and whites at a time where racism was prevalent).
Wayne continues with his amazing wordplay by saying I got no degree but where I am from, that’s the original climate. Take a second to reminisce on that line. He is basically saying he never went to college but its not a big deal because everyone in his environment probably never saw college as an option. He continues on this tangent by referencing the presence of drugs in Hollygrove (lil wayne’s neighborhood). He then reminds us that tomorrow is never promised but if it never comes, he wants to be remembered for all of his works. Weezy then closes by getting personal by referencing that he has the same eyes as his father-who left him when he was young.
The second verse, Wayne says that he has a purpose in life and that he can’t leave the earth until all of his goals are accomplished. In his career, weezy has made a lot of money (maybe because he sold his sold his sold to the devil)? He hopes that one day he will be able to achieve them all thus allowing “his heart to race on”.
Over the past ten years, this has to be one of the most meaningful songs that weezy put out. The first time that I heard this song, it somehow touched my soul because everything that Wayne was talking about was so REAL. Again to my Schoolboy Q reference, this is not Weezy’s lane but if he decides to start taking this route, there is no way I can be disappointed. In the end, I really wonder what makes our heart race on.
Listen to “My Heart Races On” below:

Blessed Schoolboy Q x Kendrick Lamar

Today, I will analyze a very deep song that talks about being blessed. To be honest, the first time I heard it I didn’t fully understand everything that Schoolboy and Kendrick were trying to convey, but I eventually caught on.

Blessed is the first track on Schoolboy’s debut entitled “Habit and Contradictions” where he emphasizes on being blessed (obviously) but primarily how they both made something out of themselves especially coming from the rough city of Compton.


[Verse 1: ScHoolBoy Q]
What it’s like for a ni–a like me
Livin’ out his backpack every night needed a new place to sleep
But this is now, ni–a!Ones for the money, two for the bitc–s
Three to get ready cause I feel I finally did it
Four’s for the jealous rapper mad because he finished
Turn that motherfuc–r to a critic
Man, I got so much s–t up on my plate dawg
I was hangin’ on them corners late
Pockets wasn’t straight, bi–h
I ain’t gon’ make it at this rate, dawg
Know what I’m sayin’?
Nigga prayin’ up to God just hopin’ that he hear a ni–a
I know the world got more problems and it’s much bigger
But I figured, I’d get some –t up off my chest
To all my nig–s I would die for
Load my pistol up, go out and war for
To all my nig–s that’ll never make it out the streets
F–k it, keep goin’ hard, don’t let ’em see you weak
To all my ni–as first time steppin’ in the pen
Read a book and exercise, keep your spirit in
To all my ni–as that’s gon’ fuck around and die today
Take our hats off, bow our heads and let us pray
Just wanna say[Hook: ScHoolBoy Q]
Stay blessed my ni–a, blessed my ni–a
Really think about it, could be worse my ni–a
Don’t stress my ni–a, yes my ni–a
We all blessed my ni–a

[Verse 2: ScHoolBoy Q]
Now how the f–k I’m ‘posed to say this?
You see, my ni–a just lost his son while I’m here huggin’ on my daughter
I grip her harder
Kiss her on the head as I cry for a bit
Thinkin’ of some bulls–t to tell him, like
“It’ll be okay. You’ll be straight, it’ll be aight.”
Well, f–k that sh–t, whatever you need, yo, I got it!
Whether it’s money or some weed or puttin’ in work, f–k it, then I’m ridin’!
You know wassup, but now a ni–a couldn’t stick around
Told myself that after y’all moved that I’d be a fu–in’ fool
To be livin’ by the street rules
F–k police tattoos, that happens when you ditch school
But anyway, keep the faith, stay strong brah
Remain’ solid brah
Keep playin’ ball cause it’s the only way up out it, brah
A ni–a proud of ya’
Tell Floyd to enjoy his newborn seed, I’ll have whatever he needs
We the last of a dyin’ breed, live life, smoke trees
See how far we’ve come, but most, I’m sorry for your son


[Bridge: Ab-Soul]
And you ain’t gotta shed no tear
I’ll be everywhere
And I’mma always be right here
I ain’t forgot those years
I’ll be everwhere
But I’mma always be right here

[Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar]
Livin’ in a premature place – wait
Never grow to see the pearly gates – break
Every time a bullet detonate – dates
Of obituary carry crates of a scary picture
With a family member that relate to ya
In December you was finna pin another case
On your record in a stolen Expedition, play it safe
As the record spinnin’ you was hearin’ angels entertain
Every pun intended, that was wicked, comin’ from your brain
Recognize you listened and you didn’t hit the block again
That’s because the minute after you had knew you would be slain
Open up another chapter in the book and read ‘gain
Story of a gun-clapper really tryna make a change
Everybody ain’t (blessed my ni–a)
Yes, my ni–a, you’re blessed
Take advantage, do your best, my ni–a
Don’t stress, you was granted everything inside this planet
Anything you imagine, you possess, my ni–a
You reject these ni–as, that neglect, your respect
For the progress of a baby step, my ni–a
Step, step my ni–a
One, two, skip, skip
Back, back, look both ways
Pull it off the hip
Blast at anybody say that you can’t flip
This crack into rap music every other zip is a track
Get used to it, get it off quick
Come back, give back to the city you’ve built
That’s that, don’t trip, see money, fuck nig–s, dawg
It ain’t nothin’ but a bunch of fuck ni–as dawg
In a minute everybody gon’ be winnin’
Put a little faith in it then recognize that we all



Interpretation and Personal Reflection:

Before I get into the interpretation I just wanted to state that the “n–word” can be described as a word that is “apart of the dictionary” in rap (You probably knew that either way, just wanted to clarify).

Q opens up his first verse reflecting on his past where he had to struggle everyday to survive; sleeping on couches, not knowing where his next meal would come from. While he is reflecting, he recognizes that he has come a long way from those days to become a successful rapper. Because of his struggle, Q made money the only feasible way that he could think of -by selling drugs. With his day-to-day struggle, he felt that God could come save him from the tribulations that he was facing. Q ends his verse by giving a tribute to everyone who has experienced the same struggle as him. People that are going into jail, people on the street selling drugs, and people who may die soon.

Q’s hook is very simple, meaningful and straightforward. At the end of the day we are all blessed and even if you are struggling just recognize that the situation you are in could be worse. Because of that, there is no need to stress.

Q opens the second verse by telling us by telling us that the harsh reality of life will face us sometimes. His friend’s daughter died and he has no idea what to tell him (due to the fact that he doesn’t know the pain of losing his daughter). Instead of trying to think of words to comfort him, he tells his friend he will always be at his side to support-no matter what.  Q goes into more reflection, talking about how he ditched school and lived by the streets.

Kendrick opens up the third verse with words of encouragement and motivation. Kendrick says “Living in a premature place” -referencing his city, Compton where only a few make it out and are able to become successful. Then he makes a reference to the violence, the gunshots, the lives lost and the funerals that are arranged for all the people who have died. Because of the people who have died, the person he is talking about never goes into the street again because he knows the outcome that most of his peers have faced. Because of that, he opens a book begins to educate himself and tries to make a change. Now Kendrick gets really deep, he pleading saying that everyone has the opportunity to be great, to be something in life.  Kendrick is saying to keep your circle tight by eliminating the people who are not trying to reach the same destination as you. Then Kendrick uses imagery to close. He references pulling out a gun and “shooting” anyone that is trying to bring you down or who does not believe in you. He finished the verse by saying once you are successful, come back to the city where you are and help all the brothers there that are struggling. At the end of the day we are all blessed.

This song was surprising coming from Schoolboy Q, who is more of a “turn-up” rapper compared to “conscious” rap.  To hear his pain and struggle turn to advice was really eye-opening to me. In my opinion, this is one of Kendrick’s best verses if not the best verse. A lot of people may not know the reason behind the title of his 2nd album: Good Kid Mad City. This album reflected how Kendrick was a “good kid” not joining gangs or selling drugs. Ironically, the person he is referencing in his verse is himself. He “shot down” everyone saying that he would not make it out of Compton, he did come back to the city that he helped established, he did help the brothers out in the street who had no other direction to look all he did was have the faith.

At the end of the day, we are all blessed. Whether you have religious affiliation or not, just be thankful that you are alive, well and in school getting an education. There is a lot of people in the world that would die to have the same opportunity as you.

Listen to “Blessed” below

Young Vic – Dreams (Passion Post #4)

I know that you guys know that I rap and I think it is time for me to do a lyrical analysis on another one of my songs. While I need to formal introduction I might as well tell you the story of how I got into rap in the first place.

Basically, during my freshman year of high school I wanted to find an activity that was productive and kept me occupied at the same time. One day I heard the radio and thought to myself, “If they can do it, I can do it and add some meaning to it as well.” Eventually, I started rapping people liked it and it went off from there. Like I said, I just love music.

Dreams is a song that I wrote that talks about my mentality on life and who I eventually plan to be one day. It also speaks about how I plan to make these dreams a reality through the journey that it will take.



Hook:  Got some, got some dreams x4

 (First and only verse) I got dreams, some big and some small, no matter what they are I promise i’ll achieve em all. Supporting the fam and  becoming someone in life.. sometimes I think I want left and then i’m headed to the right man its a fight.. sometimes I have an inner conflict, a voice within my head telling me i’m not the s–t.. Sometimes i’m vulnerable, believing the stupid myths.. but realities comes, I take it and then I will not quit.. I flip the script.. At the end day, I have a solid foundation.. foundation so strong, that we believe God got us from satan, foundation so strong I play my fantasy with Peyton.. foundation so strong I can overcome any temptations.. i’m steady waiting.. like I said, Im writing all my goals praying they all get bigger.. I see the picture.. man I just figured.. life is a game and im playing it like billiards hoping one day Im balling out.. like the wizards.

I think I rap too much the about the world and not my life.. I want my fans to hear my thoughts, my emotion and advice.. i’m a born sinner but the world so damn cold.. But if something aint working switch it up before you’re old..

Lyrical Analysis and Interpretation: 

I open up the verse by saying I have dreams (I mean who doesn’t), this song was also inspired with a quote from Wale which said, “Life without dreaming is a life without a meaning.” I feel that if you do not have goals and are not working towards them each day, what is your purpose in life?

I then go on saying that I want to take care of my family (which I am sure that everyone wants to do as well). Then, I eventually get more personal by saying “I want left then I am heading to the right.” I feel that sometimes, I may bite more that I can actually chew and take too many things on at the same time. This is also a tangent that things may not always go as planed. Which is okay, because life still goes one.

I get even more personal by saying that “Sometimes I have an inner conflict, a voice in my head telling me im not the s–t” I feel that sometimes when I make a great accomplishment, I am fighting myself  by becoming the biggest pessimist. Personal Example: [ I graduated as the valedictorian of my class, but in my eyes I never seen  it as a big or a huge accomplishment, due to the area and the school district that I was in was not exceptional and up to par with the rest of the state.] I don’t know how it happens sometimes, but I feel that when things get hard I start to think that I was not cut out for it in the first place or if I succeed it was not through all my willpower.

Whenever I find myself at that pit, I always climb back up. Thats why I am always happy and cheerful all the time, because life is too short to throw a pity party every time. This is where reality finally hits me and then I feel that I can do anything. I feel that I can do anything because of the foundation that I have; I compare this foundation to faith in a religion, the strength to avoid temptations and using Peyton Manning in fantasy football (He even went on to win the Super bowl)!

I end the verse by saying I know all of my goals and I can see myself attaining all of them one day. That’s the “bigger picture” that I can see. I then compare life like a game, because I feel that anything can happen; but it depends on how well you can handle certain things and the practice/training that you have already had. I end on this tangent by comparing life, to a game of billiards. Like the game of life, I hope that I can “ball out” like the Washington Wizards. 

I end the song by explaining this song was one of my personal records. I feel that I rap a lot about the world that we live in, but somehow people do not understand the real young vic. I end with a double entendre by comparing myself to J. Cole by saying I am a “born sinner” (as he has had an influence on my music) and claiming that the world is cold (sounds like Cole and is reference to his sophomore album, Born Sinner).

Please give “Dreams” a listen below (Produced by Scoop Deville):