Penn State Interdisciplinary Minor in Game Development

Prospective students:

The Minor in Game Development is open to students of all majors at the Pennsylvania State University. These majors, in particular, work well with students of a particular interest:

  • Computer Science, Software Engineering: for students interested in the technicality of programming games.
  • DIGIT (Digital Media, Arts, and Technology), Psychology, Creative Writing, English: for students interested in how games are used as an artistic medium.

You may declare a minor at any time on LionPath after you have attained third-semester classification or declared your major.


Current students:

  • For all students: GAME 220 counts as Arts (GA); GAME 250 and GAME 251 count as Quantification (GQ); GAME 160 counts as Humanities (GH); GAME 140 and PSYCH 244 count as Social Sciences (GS).
  • For Computer Science students: All 400-level GAME courses count as Supporting and Related Areas courses.
  • For Software Engineering or Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering students: GAME 450 and GAME 480 count as Technical Elective courses.


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