28 days of #sciwrite – end Week 1

My first week of the February #sciwrite challenge has ended (see my kickoff post).  Have I made progress?  Well… yes, but… not necessarily in the way I had laid out my plan!

Back in January, I had submitted a manuscript for review to a journal.  At the beginning of this past week, I received a note from the editor of the journal with some suggested additions and points of clarification to my submitted paper.  He said I could make these initial edits before he forwards the paper on to two external reviewers.  Naturally, I took advantage of the opportunity to improve the paper before the review process continued.  I had never submitted to this journal before, so I greatly appreciated the comments and opportunity to strengthen my paper.

As this task took up the beginning of the week, I spent the end of the week creating an outline of the tree banding project I’ve been working on with students.  I’m ready now to spend this upcoming week flushing out the outline with actual, complete sentences.

Week #2 of #sciwrite – wish me luck!


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