28 days of #sciwrite – end Week 2

My second week of the February #sciwrite challenge has ended (see my kickoff post) and (end Week 1).  Have I made progress?  Well… I’m not feeling as good as I did with my progress in the first week.  I did continue to work on a paper that discusses the initial results of the global tree banding project my students have been doing on campus.  I have a few pages written and all of the data and graphs created, but I wish some of the sections were more polished and complete.

I did write up a classroom exercise with the tree banding data (not officially #sciwrite, I know).  I’m visiting a middle school in Philadelphia on Tuesday, where a teacher there asked me to help her use iPads with her students for them to learn about the process of science and to work with real scientific data.  So I created an exercise that will utilize the app/program Nearpod on the iPads to make my time with these students a mixture of lecture, engagement and assessment.  I’ll be meeting with four different classes, and if everything goes well, this may be something else myself and this teacher will write up.

Just adding to the never-ending wishlist for #sciwrite…


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