28 days of #sciwrite kickoff

As usual, a tweet today caught my eye:

I have seen #madwriting sessions come across my Twitter feed before, usually for 30 minutes or one hour, but 28 days of writing – I was intrigued to learn more!

Geobloggers Chris Rowan (@Allochthonous) and Anne Jefferson (@highlyanne) set up the , challenge, described in their blog post 28 days of #sciwrite.  This is a creative way to use technology as a “support group,” if you will, and a tool for each of us to hold ourselves accountable for writing projects that we want/need to move forward.

So, what will my writing goals be for the next 28 days?

  1. I have a manuscript I would like to submit to the Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science, describing the work of myself and my undergraduate researchers in connection with the Smithsonian Global Tree Banding Project.  We have about two years of data, and I have collected and read all of the material I need for the background section.  My goal is to work with the student authors to have a first draft completed by the end of the month.
  2. I have a second manuscript I would like to write on how I utilized the Google 80:20 model in my Environmental Resource Management course last year.  I want to have a first draft of this paper finished by the end of February as well.
  3. I also have another item I would like to write, but I need to revisit if this one will even happen.  I’ve had this idea of writing a Commentary for College Teaching, about how I feel that the flipped classroom is really no different than the Just-in-Time Teaching pedagogical approach.  But I recently saw a weekly Teaching Professor posting that also challenged the flipped classroom as just a renaming of existing teaching techniques.

I have some trips out of town this month, and a couple of days I’ll be spending in Philadelphia middle schools – not to use these as excuses, but important reminders to myself to budget my time wisely to make sure I’m productive.

I’ll post my updates here and on Chis/Anne’s blog – wish me luck, and I hope the “virtual world” keeps me motivated to succeed!


4 thoughts on “28 days of #sciwrite kickoff

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  4. Anne Jefferson

    Awesome! And I’d like to hear your thoughts about flipped classrooms. To a large extent the concept seems like something we’ve been doing for a long time with lab classes and field trips. Oh, and asking students to read a textbook before class. But maybe I’m just over-simplifying what classroom flipping really is.

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