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PSU GB Linkedin Group

Linkedin is a great way to network professionally away from all the jabber and nonsense of social sites like Facebook or Twitter. That’s why Penn State Global Brigades has just recently created a new group page on Linkedin!

It’s a great way for current members to be involved in ongoing discussions, and a great way for alumni to maintain valuable connections.

To find our Linkedin group, just search for “Penn State Global Brigades” or click here.

Linkedin Group Profile

Support Emmanuel’s Surgery

While everyone is out vacationing, pursuing internship or volunteer opportunities, or working hard at summer jobs, Penn State’s chapter of Medical Brigades has been hard at work with their patient referral case. The Global Brigades council and Medical Brigades leaders would like to take this time to call for your support in helping Emmanuel’s case.

To give you some background, Emmanuel was a patient seen during Medical Brigades’ trip in the winter to Ghana. He has a serious tumor  that has compromised his vision and facial function. We are currently raising funds to support the cost of his corrective surgery.

You can donate to Emmanuel’s cause here:
And please share this link with families and friends who may be able to donate. Stick it on your facebook profiles!
On behalf of Emmanuel, Penn State GMB, and Global Brigades as a whole, I thank you for your support.

Much love, and enjoy the rest of your summer!
Your GB Campus Chairperson,

Emmanuel-MensahEmmanuel Mensah, January 2013

Our New Merchandise Page

Great news! Our new merchandise page is now up and running on our website!

You’ll be able to take a look at photos of all the great custom PSU GB items currently for sale. Right now, we have t-shirts, water bottles, mugs, and drawstring bags available. However, if there’s something you’re DYING to have that we don’t sell already, let us know! We’re always open to suggestions 🙂

To check out our current line of PSU GB merch, you can simply go to OR click on the “Shop PSU GB” Link on the right sidebar.

All items are available for purchasing during our Scheduled Office Hours OR during meetings if prior arrangements are made with a club officer.

Shop PSU GB sidebar link image

Shop PSU GB page screenshot

GB Photos on ShutterFly!

You’ve just been accepted to one of Penn State’s volunteer trips abroad, and you’re so excited. But then you begin to wonder, “What exactly is the brigade going to be like?”

Or maybe you’re a freshman, new to Penn State’s student organizations. Global Brigades caught your eye at an involvement fair, and you’d like to know more. But you already know you won’t be able to travel abroad, and you’re thinking to yourself, “What can I possibly do on campus to stay involved?”

For moments like that, we’ve created a new webpage on ShutterFly to share all of our photos from past brigades!! Check it out here! –>

The website features 3 pages (General, Brigades, and Country photos).

  1. The General Photos page features pictures from awareness events, meetings, and all the stuff that goes on right here on Penn State’s campus.
  2. The  Brigade Photos page has all the photos from different chapters’ brigades. You can see the buildings constructed by Architecture brigades. Or the water pipeline built by Water brigades. And even the clinic set up and run by Medical brigades volunteers. 
  3. The Country Photos page will give you a good glimpse into what it will be like living in a different country for a week. You can see the compounds in Honduras or the guest houses in Ghana that serve as housing for GB volunteers. You can see the unique clothing of the indigenous tribes of Panama as well as photos of the local cuisine.

Shutterfly homepage

Shutterfly brigade page

Congratulations GEB Exec Team!

Penn State’s chapter of Environmental Brigades has just completed their election process for their team of executive officers for the 2013-2014 academic year and we couldn’t be happier!!

Congratulations go out to the following individuals on their new positions:

Co Presidents: Kyle Johnson and Kaitlyn Spangler
Co-Secretaries: Micki Ruppert and Shivani Patel
Co-Treasurer/Fundraising Chairs: Janki Patel and Emily Bedell
Recruitment/Outreach Chair: Tim Gleason
Webmaster: Josh Clothiaux

Kyle Johnson - Panama 2013  Kaitlyn Spangler - Panama 2013

Pictured above: Kyle Johnson (left) and Kaitlyn Spangler (right) during their recent brigade to Panama in May 2013

PSU GB now has a Twitter!

As we all enjoy our summers filled with wonderful vacation, travel, internship, research, or other opportunities, Global Brigades leaders at Penn State have been hard at work preparing for the upcoming year. With that, we are proud to announce that we have expanded our social media to include a Twitter!

You can now follow us @PSU_GB!!

Our head of social media, Sarah Leach, will be live-tweeting many of our events throughout the year to make sure you don’t miss a single beat with all of our activities.

PSU GB Twitter