Double Antisymmetry Space Groups

If you are using the documents on this page in the preparation of a paper, please make sure to cite:

VanLeeuwen, B. K., Gopalan, V. & Litvin, D. B. (2014). Acta Cryst. A70, 24-38.

Double Antisymmetry Space Groups listing (without diagrams) (35MB)

Double Antisymmetry Space Group Diagrams and Wyckoff orbits (280MB)

(for the diagrams and Wyckoff orbits, please cite Huang, M., VanLeeuwen, B. K., Litvin, D. B. & Gopalan, V. (2014). Acta Cryst. A70, 373-381.)


Other files:

Interactive CDF listing of the double antisymmetry space groups

Double antisymmetry space groups CDF tutorial


DASG Machine Readable


Old version of listing:

Double Antisymmetry Space Groups Symbols (short PDF listing)

Double Antisymmetry Space Groups Symbols and Operations (long PDF listing)


We acknowledge support from the Penn State Center for Nanoscale Science through the NSF-MRSEC DMR #0820404. We also acknowledge NSF DMR-0908718 and DMR-1210588.

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